Saturday, July 22, 2006

Practise School..

A unique learning experience offered to Electronic Media grads during their 2nd year of college.. Manning the college radio station.. MOP FM 91.2

Or in other words.. our personal hell.. once u start working there's no looking bak for the next 1 week..

Scrutinizing radio scripts, rjying,recording.. oh yea.. it sounds like major fun.. but the truth is.. its a lot of work.. Getting up @ ungodly hours in the mornin.. turning on the transmittor.. sitting idly for 1 whole hour waiting for the show to get over.. going bak to the studio.. start the day's work which includes packaging, coming up with witty one liners, rectifying the errors of previously recorded shows.. which means u keep rewinding and fastforwarding.. listening to the same thing over and over again till all the mistakes are erased..

And the icing to the cake Mr. Tiru.. the man in charge.. once he starts talking god help us.. We yawn, we look away, we fidget with our mobile phones to give him hints saying.. "dude.. stop talking..! stop talkin NOW or i swear i'll pull your undies over your head"..

But all our efforts are wasted.. Tiru goes on and on like no man's business.. I bet with all the heat and wind energy that's produced by his flapping lips a whole 3rd world nation could be supplied with electricity..

All in all.. an experience that's sure to make healthy fit sane homosapiens go completely beserk and transform them to zombies..

Friday, July 21, 2006

Human Relationships..

Funny 2 words..

One minute u're very close to someone and the next u dont want to talk to each other anymore..

It stings like mad when u know that someone you get along real well with and u let your emotions run wild.. does not reciprocate your feelings..

But what can we do..? Nothing.. Just let it go.. We dont have the power to mess with free will..

Each experience is a learning experience goes the age old saying.. But too much experience is not a very good thing now is it..?

How long can we take the pain..? How much longer can we twist our brain into believing that we're bound to be happy someday.. We just might bump into someone amazing..

Lets face it.. Some of us are cupid's favourites and some of us are not..

I can see it now.. "Gayatri Bhadran, Spinster, 1987-2050"

Ive gone back into that black hole again.. Im falling.. down down down..