Sunday, December 24, 2006

My King..

You've taught me how to love
My heart, its yours now

The days of 'me' have come to an end
The days of 'us' have begun a long blissful journey

The past is a bad dream..
The future; uncertain

Let me tell you about my hopes and my dreams
Let me hold you close and whisper in your ears that you rock my world

If i were to die tommorow; know that i'm at peace..
Because you have given me the greatest gift in the world.. YOU

I love you my angel..
I love you more than life itself

Here i am on my knees asking for your forgiveness for all the times ive hurt you in my blind rage
I know you will treat me like a goddess tommorow because i see the patience with which u handle all my mood swings

You know me inside out..
I feel naked in front of your eyes

You know the real me and im glad..
The rest of the world does'nt matter

In your eyes im a queen and that is more than what i asked for

If Only..

I saw this flick an hour back on Star Movies and i HAD to blog rightaway. Its absolutely brilliant. I cried my heart out.. every MINISCULE detail of this movie is so perfect.

Its a MUST watch for all couples.. married couples, folks in live in
relationships. Ive decided the minute i get my hands on MY guy, i WILL make him buy this movie and ill force him to watch it at least once.

The story revolves around ONE DAY in the life of a young businessman
(Paul Nicholls) and his girlfriend (Jennifer Love Hewitt). They're deeply in love with each other,but the boy barely has any time to spend with his muscian girlfriend because of his busy schedule. He's a complete workaholic and his girl takes a very high second priority in his life.

She's exactly the opposite. She's carefree, brings joy wherever she goes, people love her, and she teaches little children the violen.

Her music and her guy are all that matters to her. She leaves her hometown just to be with him and she practises her music. She's a proffessional, a music student who has been playing the violen for 16 years and she's an amazing singer. So TODAY is the day she graduates from the prestigious music institution and gets her degree. So her guy comes to watch her perform but he's in a bad mood, so the day ends with them in a restaurant arguing with each
other and she walks out crying. She jumps into a cab and the guy stands on the pavement unsure what to do. The minute the cab pulls away he chases it screaming out her name. But the next minute another vehicle comes and rams hard into it and she dies.

The boy is heartbroken. He goes back home, looks at her diary, her violen box, and a song she had written for him. He grips the diary tightly on his chest and lies crumpled on bed heart broken and sobbing hysterically.

He wakes up the next morning and he hears her voice saying "Read one word from my diary and you're dead" He gets up with a start and is in complete shock to see her there. She tries to soothe him, telling him not to worry and that he's probably stressed out with work. So he decides not to tell her what happened the previous day and he tries his level best to make sure that YESTERDAY does not repeat itself TODAY. So he takes her out of London, to where he grew up
and he really opens out his heart to her. Appreciates her and treasures her like a woman should be treated by a man who loves her. And she thanks him for the PERFECT DAY.

Despite his best efforts though, he still notices that YESTERDAY is repeating itself again in a jumbled fashion. All the minute details repeats itself again.. like her hand burning, his friend hitting on a woman in a bar and the man in the cab.

But he decides to just go with the flow. He brings her flowers with a note that says.. "Someday is TODAY" meaning he wants her to sing her song. He always encouraged her to sing but she'd keep saying ill sing someday. Hence the note.

So at the end of the concert the entire orchestra starts playing her song and she's forced to go on stage and sing. The day ends with them in front of the cab and just before they get in he tells her that he loves her and that she taught him how to love. She smiles, kisses him and they get inside the cab together.

And like YESTERDAY the vehicle from the opposite side rams violently into the cab, but THIS time the boy takes the hit. He sheilds her and in the process she survives with a few cuts and bruises and HE dies.

The movie ends with her singing in front of an audience and climbing the hill, the place the boy grew up, the place where they spent a whole day in each others arms.

The MORAL I LEARNT from this movie is..
* Love your partner like there's no tommorow.
* Live in the PRESENT.
* RIGHT NOW is all that we have.
* Tell your partner how much u love him/her before its too late.
* Tell your partner how much he/she means to you and the differnce
he/she has brought to your life.
* Make them happy,they deserves it.. because THAT is the the very
LEAST we can do for them. :)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Long Hours..

Time ticks by slowly..
Each minute, a stab to my heart
The wait is agonising..
The pain; blinding

But WE are worth it
The pain is part of the ride..

You promised me the moon
I believe you..
You promised me all the food in the world
I believe you..

Trust, respect and love is all that i have for you
Then there's that pain again..
The insecurities and the wounds of the past hit me like a wave crashing againsts the rocks

Will i loose you..?
Does your heart still beat my name the long hours that we're apart..?
Does my face bring a smile on your face..?

I miss you.. I miss you terribly
Fill the void in my soul
Bring my empty broken heart to life again..

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Road Rage..

This is one post ive been wanting to type down every single day after i come back home from college, after battling the insane chennai traffic..

Women have been riding bikes and cars since i was a little kid.. maybe even much MUCH before that.. Then why is it that men try and act smart whenever they see women on bikes..?

They overtake you from a very very close angle of your bike.. despite the fact that the road is comparitively empty on the left and the right sides..

They honk just when you're about to take a turn WITH YOUR INDICATOR ON.. (point to note : They KNOW u're going to take a turn but THEY HAVE TO OVERTAKE ANYWAY..!)

So today.. on my way back home after an exam.. 2 smart alecs pulled the above stunts..

Smart Alec number 1

He overtook me even though the road was comparatively empty and came and halted right in front of me at a signal.. Now i am a speed lover.. i drive at 70kmph minimum.. (i drive a Scooty Pep,so.. YES 70 kmph is FAST)

So i pressed the brakes hard with my fingers with all the energy i could muster but the front of my baby hit his crappy bike with a huge THUD.. He turned around and gave me a look, i just said..
"Oh.. did i hit u..? im soo sorry.. Maybe you should learn a little road etiquettes and stick to one side of the road instead of going all over the place and overtaking folks.."

Smart Alec number 2

Now this guy pulled the honking stunt, i put on my indicator for a left turn to overtake the car in front of me and our man comes right behind me and honks his ugly loud ear drums breaking disgusting honk.. So i turned off the ignition and stopped right in front of him.. Turned around and said "what is your problem..? dont you see my right indicator on..?" and without bothering to wait for his reply i whizzed by..

The man didnt stop there, he followd me and continued honking.. So i figured; hell.. play fire with fire.. i kept looking at his car through my rear view mirrors and rode right in front him.. i did not allow him to overtake me..

MESSAGE TO MALE RIDERS : Respect women on the roads.. Dont you have mothers and sisters at home..? Would you like it if you knew that you're women are being treated like dirt on the roads..? Please think twice before you pull some stupid stunt..

Sunday, December 17, 2006

80 days..

This is it.. THIS is the real deal
This is the very first time in my life ive been in the presence of love so deep, love so pure..
Contentment and sheer bliss run through my veins

You came into my life when i least anticipated it.. like a thundershower in the heat of summer..
And now there is no turning back

When you are not around the hours are empty, meaningless and full of pain
And when you are around i'm complete, i become whole again..

I've lost control of my life.. YOU have taken over my senses completely..
You bleed me.. You heal me..
And im happy to go through the pleasure and the pain because you are the source of both..

My tears prove my loyalty and commitment to you
And my laughter reinforces the fact that i've never been more happier in my life..

Im a lovefool, i'm YOUR lovefool..
And i promise to be by your side, come what may..

My lucky charm.. i'm intoxicated by your wisdom, your maturity..
Knowing that those two beady eyes are looking only at me gives me a high
Knowing that those creative musical fingers will only run on me transports me on to 7th heaven..

Come take me away.. Lets get lost in ourselves and forget the real world..

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Disney Pixar’s CARS

So its been a while since I did a movie review, not because im no longer a movie buff.. its still 1vcd per day minimum.. and 4 on the weekends.. I stopped reviewing movies because nothing touched my heart all that much. I saw DON, Dhoom 2 and a whole pile of movies.. But all the flicks I saw just shocked or awed me.. Nothing seemed to hit all my mushy sensitive nerves..

Today I cozied myself up on my couch and turned on CARS ( I fought for buying the VCD in the shop) and the little debate over whether or not to buy the VCD was worth it.. I’m so glad my stubborn streak didn’t allow me to put it back on the rack..

The story revolves around race cars. The hero of the story a young hot shot rookie race car named Lightning Mc Queen is living life on the fast lane. He’s arrogant, he’s snooty, he’s self centered and all he cares about is money, fame and women.

Mc Queen competes with the 2 other champion cars and they all make it to the finish line at almost the same time.

So to win the prestigious Piston Cup the 3 cars have to race against each other exactly 1 week later in Los Angeles as a tie breaker round.

But on his way to Los Angeles he hits a detour and gets stranded in a sleepy little forgotten town named Radiator Springs. He wrecks up the Radio Springs highroad in an ensuing chase with the town’s Sheriff..

So as his punishment a young beautiful lady lawyer.. a Porsche named Sally suggests to the head of the town Doc Hudson that the boy pay his price and clean up the mess he created..

Mc Queen protests at first, he tries running away and pulls various other stunts but to no avail. So finally he tars the whole road and in the process he makes a whole lot of new friends, he falls in love, helps re-build the sleepy town back to their “hay days” and he discovers that Doc Hudson was a pro racer during his time..

The movies ends with the boy choosing his life.. Fame v/s a nice life filled with love and meaning.

A MUST watch for children AND adults.. Tears would be shed in the second half of the movie so keep the tissues ready.

In a nutshell a GREAT feel good movie.. Leaves u rejuvenated and light at heart..

Friday, December 01, 2006

The kid next door..

Ever since i can remember.. ive had a strong disliking for children.. I have my reasons.. Sure.. they're cute, they're adorable and they're tiny dots of homosapiens.. What's not to like some ask..

Well.. they bite, they puke, they pee on your lap, they tug at your beautiful junk jewellery and they stuff your hair into their tiny mouths..

Ive had plenty of tiny dot cousins and i have been victimised by them.. *sob* The whole tiny dot homosapien army are against me.. They hate me.. =(

But offlate ive suddenly begun to dislike them a little less.. There's a cute kid who lives next door.. She's probably a year or two.. She keeps screaming out to me and she runs towards me like a rocket each time she catches a glimpse of me..

So last evening.. She was standing at her doorway and my mom was standing at ours.. Mom kept calling out to her.. "aditi.. come" but she graciously shook her head from left to right.. So i gave it a shot.. The minute i called out to her she put one step forward and did a baby talk.. So i walked upto her doorway and i bent down to her height.. she gave me a broad 3 teeth grin and shook my hand.. Then she gurgled something and yanked my hair.. One mighty yank.. :/ For a dot of a homosapien she sure had might.. :/ i was shocked..

There it was again.. KIDS HATE ME..!! :(

Then her mom came running and unclawed her tiny animal like claws from my brown tresses..

She was not done yet.. She kept pulling at my hand leading me inside her house.. So her mom HAD to converse with me.. (Point to note here:Kids create situations you dont want to be in)

Her mother gave me a piece of chocolate cake.. (yaay..:D) and suddenly the kid yanking my hair didnt seem to matter too much..

I thanked her for the cake and began to walk out of the house.. The minute i did that the tiny animal came bounding behind me and continued yanking at my hand.. I didnt budge.. So she fell down and continued her yanking.. :p

Hearing the thud of her tiny tush i turned around and sat down next to her and i said.. "aditi variya..?" She continued gurgling.. So i stood up, checked to see if my cake was intact, gave her a wave and quickly made my exit..

Moral of the story : When that kid grows up to be say 4-5 years old.. she is going to come bounding into my room.. So i'd better start hiding stuff asap.. :/ :p