Monday, October 30, 2006

My Trivandrum trip..

So 10 days back.. i packed my bags and set out to make my annual ritual trip to god's own country.. This time it was a little different.. i call it 'growing up'.. i learnt a few things.. i did a little bit of soul searching and this is what i came up with..

1. Too many shots of Irish Bailey a day can make u drowsy and would add on to the cms around your waist

2. Life without ciggaretes aint too bad.. I thought i was a nicotine addict.. 2-3 ciggies a day keeps me going.. But for the past 10 days ive been off it.. and ive survived.. so i suppose i can control the addiction

3. I learnt the value and essence of time.. for the past 10 days i was cut off from civilazation.. no internet connection, using my mobile was out of the question because as usual i was low on balance.. 63 paise to be exact.. And i realized.. I have to get in touch with people.. people i already know, old friends, exisiting friends.. and bump into newer people.. some more..

4. Old people, especially old relatives can get a little strange at times.. I find it hard to make conversation with someone who is 60 years older than me.. But if we dont make small talk.. we're labelled as "stuck up".. so talk about things in general.. Ask them about their health, because all old people have some disease or the other.. Talk about their children and their children's children.. They'll go on and on..

5. Temples are really boring places.. Standing in front of a closed door for 25 minutes is'nt exactly what i'd like to on a cold rainy day.. but heck.. i love my grandmother.. she's the best granny in the whole wide world and i'd do anythin for her..

6. Planes are mini-roller coaster rides.. for people who're afraid of heights and afraid of gettin on those crazy rides in those theme parks.. i'd recommend catchin a plane.. It really is fun.. The head rush when the plane takes off the runway and goes soaring up is something else.. And the view is absolutely breathtaking.. we live in a very beautiful world..

7. Uniformed pilots are hot.. *evil grin* somebody gift me that for my 20th birthday.. :p (which is coming up soon.. dont forget)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Better Half..

My 20 years of waiting has not been in vain..
For i've finally caught hold of your hand..

I was a child lost in a crowd searching for her guardian angel..
And now i'm lost no more..

My joy has no bounds..
And there is this aching to be with you every second of my life..

My little chef, my little rockstar, my little baby boy..
Ive never been so much in love before..

I was a wounded soldier and my life was dull and grey..
You have joined the broken pieces of my heart and made me see colours again..

And now in return, I give you my life.. I give you my soul..

My better half.. I'd be nothing without you my love..