Thursday, May 03, 2012

Life as I knew it

I have tears in my eyes and a severely broken heart as I write this. My student life is over forever. I’m done with my Masters degree from a reputed city college.  And the only thing that I can think of is; all my friends are leaving. That feeling of loneliness is slowly creeping back into my life and mind.
“Don’t go” is the only thing I want to say to them, but I won’t. Two years was a very long and arduous time period thrown our way when we signed up for this Masters degree. We hated all the long hours of work, the sari tying at the drop of a hat, the partiality, the never ending internships, and the venom being spit around by certain women. Keeping all this in mind, I should have been the happiest person on the planet when all this ended.. but I’m not. I’m sad. I’m so incredibly sad I could write a poem and if I had taken my guitar classes seriously written a sad song as well.

Debby and Pri, you made me want to come to college every day. And the days you two bunked I hated going to college.  

Neha and Nikki, you made me fall in love with long hours of gossip. It truly was therapeutic after a long and shitty day.  

I pray our friendships never end. I pray circumstances and time don’t change us. I pray that we love each other unconditionally like we do right now, today. 

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

And I meet my Soulmate Wheels again!

Who says cupid doesn't strike more than once? I fell in love in early 2005 with a smart Purple scooty, my life was absolutely incomplete without her. No her = No me, we were that inseparable. Five years we lived together, loved each other and wiped each others sorrows away. Then the dreaded accident struck. We had many "mini mishaps" together during our five years of love and friendship, but that wretched morning of February 2010 at 6am horror struck both our lives.

I woke up early that day to hit the gym (just like another other day), rode my baby all the way upto Ascendas to get to Fitness One (just like another day) but instead of reaching the gym we skid and fell into a horrible porthole. We scraped on the road for a good five minutes. I could see her getting mashed in front of my eyes. The pain of seeing her slip away was more painful than the fact that my right shoulder bone had officially left the building along with my right foot's nerve.

The rest of the morning was a blur of hysterical parents, neighbours and doctors poking me around with their surgical instruments. I was a vegetable for the next 2 months and I thought of her everyday and cried. I cried knowing I could never ride her or another bike for a while. All my dreams of getting a Harley and zipping around with it on empty fields were out the window. I was depressed, heartbroken and slightly senile with the long empty hours of nothingness that piled up day after day.

And just like that 2.5 months later, I was alright. My doctor yanked out the two gigantic surgical pins from my shoulder and declared I was alright. I ran to my baby and found that she was dusty and wobbly. I patted her and whispered that things would be alright soon and we would be together again.

In less than a month, we had to bid adieu. I was banned from riding her anymore. The loneliness and the depression crept back into my life. To make matters worse I had signed up for a Masters Degree from a reputed college in the city which was eating me alive! I had no way to commute. I was forced to take auto-rickshaws and the less said about the Chennai auto drivers and their God-complex attitudes the better.

Flash forward to 4th April 2012 (ie. today) i'm happy to announce that I'm done with the Masters course from above mentioned reputed college and I'm going to miss being a student. I miss my Purple baby a little less these days, but each time I see someone who looks like her, I feel pangs in my heart.

All my body parts are intact and unbroken, I'm fit as a fiddle! And and and.. The best news of all; I've met someone else - shes red, shes cute, has spunk, has a great music system, smells like a million bucks, is roomy and I've fallen completely head over heels in love. Again! ;)