Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Go Getters..

Go Getters is the name of my production, which was screened today along with 46 other individual documentaries and docu-dramas. We had an external examiner from the Film Institute and all our confidence levels were zilch. We had absolutely NO faith in our documentaries and we were all nervous as hell.

Finally my chance arrived and the hot seat was mine for the next 30 minutes. The lights went off, Venus Productions, with my editing sir's meticulously crafted 3Ds Max Logo flashed on screen with some killer background music. The name of the show Go Getters flashed on the big screen, next the shot of a colorful palette with colours getting mixed flashed on, the next shot was of groups and groups of chirpy women, with my Voice Over (which actually sounded damn sexy.. whew). *evil grin*

At the end of the documentary my Voice Over went like so; "Thank you god, thank you for making me a woman". Killer background music again, and i heard clapping. Loud enthusiastic clapping. That moment was absolutely priceless. All my nervousness went down the gutter.

The audience actually LIKED my documentary. I felt myself swelling up with pride and i realized that, I'm officially an amateur movie-maker types person.

All the days of running around, getting permission for locations and getting my script approved from my horrible adamant stubborn professor was all completely worth it just for that one single moment. The VIVA was a complete cake walk after that. I chatted up the man for 10 minutes, left him smiling and amused. There was one question which he asked though, that left me quite surprised. He asked me what i wanted to do, what my dream was. And without a hesitation or a second thought, i said i wanted to be a writer. It was a reflective, impulsive answer.

Thinking back about it, i wonder whether i really should take up writing as a career option or movie making or just become a space cowgirl and hee haw around with a horse in outer space. Confusing world. Too many decisions, too many options. Sigh.

Back to the documentary making though, its the MOST satisfying thing in the world. Try it sometime. Good fun. Loads of hard work. But REAL out and out fun. :)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Second chances..

Movie : Hitch
Scene : The night after Albert and Allegra's first date, the conversation between Hitch and Albert

H : She's probably thinking about you and her as an item, but she wont let you in on it.
A : Oh, so its not a big deal then
H : It's a VERY big deal Albert!! One kiss, one dance, one date, that's all we get from being "oh some guy i did something with" to a happily ever after ending.

I feel like Albert now. In the words of Chris "I yam yinnocent", but I'm also very stupid. I think Ive blown my one chance, and now I'll never know what could have happened between us.

One stupid crazy impulsive goof up, and poof he's gone. Why do we get only ONE chance? It's not fair.

When i think about the conversation i had with him not too long back which went in the lines of,
Him : I'm very fond of you, we're excellent friends now. So lets thread this path carefully. If i let anyone get to that very last circle and she breaks my heart, ill be shattered

To that right there, I should have said. "I'm scared too. But THIS right here is OUR time. This is OUR chance, lets take it! I like you, I like you a LOT, and i promise i will not let you down"

*looks up at God* Give me another chance sir. I think i deserve it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The shriek of a woman..

Picture this : An exam hall. 40 odd women scribbling away. You can hear a dragonfly farting if you listen closely.

A shrill shriek pierces through the air. It drills a mini well in your eardrum. You drop your pen and look around you. Mayhem would be an understatement. Women jumping on top of their benches. Some just running helter skelter.

The examiner walks up to the shrieker and asks her what the deal is. "Ma'am, Spider" she retorts.

All that for a spider? Really? Snap out of it woman!! Think Spider man. Think superpowers. You JUST might have gotten lucky. JUST!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rain Gods and Exam Highs..

The rain gods have found a new victim.. ME.

Day 1
Light drizzle. I run out to get the clothes stand in, thankfully it stops. So the stand remains untouched.

Day 2
Light drizzle. I run out to get the clothes stand in. It begins to pour, torrentially. My steps quicken, i drag in the clothes as fast as my fingers allow me to. I heave in relief when every piece of clothing is indoors. I look outside and the rain has stopped.

Day 3, Today
I drive to college for my end semester exams. It begins to pour. So i pull over on the side of the road, take out embarrassing Winnie and throw him on. The minute i begin to ride again, the rain stops.

Message to Rain gods : Go pick on someone your size. Hrmph.

On to Exam highs. Exam highs are the state of not knowing jack shit or bullshit about what the subject is, but still having the balls to stand outside the exam hall and giggle like fools and comment on how much weight has been lost by person A, person B and person ME *yaay yaay*. After the examiner walks in, continue grinning like a fool.

By the time the question paper comes to you, you're so overjoyed just to be back in college after so many days that you forget the seriousness of the paper. You forget that THIS is your end semester paper and could potentially bite you in the ass, if you don't do well.

After 3 hours of scribbling, you walk outside to be greeted by your friend who asks "What the fuck is wrong with you? Wipe that silly grin off your face. This paper was horrible"

You continue grinning, hug a few more friends who you've missed like crazy during the excruciatingly boring study holidays and walk away.

Whats this life for, if not for exams highs and rain gods who have field days making our lives miserable. Suck it up and continue grinning, because grinning is A-Okay. *grin grin* :D

Monday, October 22, 2007


A shoe designer, whose business is down in the dumps. He's going through a huge financial crisis, the world is laughing their ass off at his expense and to add fuel to the fire, his dad kicks the bucket. As the only son, he must travel to their small hometown of Elizabethtown, Kentucky to attend his father's memorial. On the flight to Kentucky, he meets a flight attendant.

Now this lady is downright out of her mind, she's 100% MAD, and I could absolutely relate to that. She falls in love with this man and somehow helps him get through the rough patch he is going through.

To find love in the most strangest of places, and with the most unexpected of people, now THAT is truly a miracle.

The whole father-son relationship and strangers falling in love thing was shown so beautifully in this flick. I did tear a little every now and then of course.

Bottom Line : Its a must watch flick for all the hopeless romantics.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Chak De India..

Why the hell are we promoting stupid cricket, (which by the way was a game brought by our Ex rulers, the Brits, its NOT even our game for Christ's sake) when we actually should be promoting and supporting our national sport - Hockey.

Number 2 : I'm a stupid fool. I'm wasting away my life orkutting, blogging, gymming, going to college, watching 3 movies a day and lots of other arbit random crap, while i really should be doing something. I'm 20, with an able body, a strong will (and i look decent, but that doesn't really matter) and a determination that can get me whatever i want, no matter what pains i have to go through to get it.

I'm really pumped up right now. The movie high is so high, i cant control it. My thoughts are going overboard. Every human being alive irrespective of age, sex, gender,castes, whatever whatever have to, HAVE TO watch this movie.

Something has snapped so hard inside me, i cant explain it, but i want to do something, i have dreams, i want to get them before someone else does.

There is a purpose of my existence on this planet and i WILL NOT stop until i find out what that purpose is and i will not let anything get in my way. So help me God and help me Mr. Universe, I'm a woman on a mission.

I love it when you do, what you do..

Awesomeness. That's him. *grin grin* I barely know him, but Ive written posts about him long before i actually spoke to him and after i spoke to him, it was just posts galore.

Some people are ONE in a MILLION. And he is ONE in a ZILLION. All he has to do is talk. His voice transports me on to a time and place far far away. And long after he's hung up on me, his voice and his words linger in my brain.

I did something yesterday. I hadn't spoken to him in three days so i send him a very pissed off yet sad sounding message.

Me : Yknow what THIS is ridiculous. You're just being silly and mean.
Him : My exams for this week are over, and they all bombed big time. Why do you get worked up so easily woman?!
Me : I'm not worked up, i just don't like the idea of not talking to you. One day is cool, two days are cool, but i WILL snap on the third day. I'm like this only. You can run now, if you want to, ill understand.
Him : No running needed. I'm cool with that. Call me today.
Me : Oh okie. I will.

And the rest of the day was a blurry haze of yaay, i get to talk to him today after 3 whole days, i kept looking at the clock, willing for time to run faster.

Finally at around 11 pm he called.

Me : Oh its you, i thought you wouldn't call.
Him : Whats the big idea about sending me these kind of messages. Huh huh huh?
Me : Well, you didn't talk to me for 72 hours!
Him : I don't talk to my mom for more than 72 hours
Me : Huh? Your mom
Him : Yes, mom. The lady who gave birth to me.

(By the way, the huh huh huh bit melted me a little, they sounded so sexy coming out of his mouth *sigh*)

And the rest of the convo was as usual arbit and random. But after we hung up, i was on cloud 9 all over again. What is it with this guy? How can a random stranger do this to me? I'm sooo _____ about him. Fill in the gap, because i don't know myself.

But, i LOVE this feeling, whatever it is. *jumps up and down like a jack rabbit* :D

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I am the BIGGEST fan of this movie. It has dealt with the concept of falling in love in such a comical yet a somewhat realistic angle. Right from the first dialogue of the movie till the last is an absolute treat for the ears. They're witty, smart, humorous and full of oomph.

I have seen this movie more than a million times, and i have NEVER ever got bored of watching it. And every single time i watch it, i get completely involved with the characters, just like i did, the very first time i saw it, which was in the year 2005 at Mayajaal. I feel their pain, i feel their loss, and i feel their love, their joys. I don't feel like a third person whilst watching this flick. Yes yes, i know, that is the case with most movies we watch anyway. BUT, this one's different.

At the end of the 118 minutes, i always ALWAYS wish that there REALLY was a Date Doctor. Sigh.

When you like someone, and you just KNOW that he is going to be the ONE, but you cant really do shit about it, that feeling right there, that feeling of absolute helplessness... Now that's life. You cant always have what you want.

*munches on chocolate for comfort and 2 minute feeling of unnatural elation*

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Mayfly..

I really love this Vodafone Ad. The creativity and the imagination that went into making it. The voice over in the background, i hang on to every word he says. His voice itself by the way ; strong, determined, sexy, throaty. Overall very trippy advertisement. I rate it a 9/10.

Each time i feel a little low, or am on the verge of tears, i just watch this advertisement and all my blues sort of melt away. The last line is the most catchiest, if we embrace life, like the Mayfly, just think what a life that would be. And i nod along with it, i tear a little and i solemnly make an oath to myself to just take a chill pill and not take things too seriously.

And yep, here's the link to the Ad

Enjoy watching it. :)

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I felt like Hilary Swank today, from The Next Karate Kid. I had hit gym after 3 whole days. So my stamina was down. I could gym only for 1 hour, ran only for 10 minutes and i didn't have the energy to lift weights. But still, that 1 hour workout, was a killer workout.

I could feel the blood flowing through every vein in my body with enthusiasm and speed. My hands kept balling up into fists each time a random ogler drooled. It was a trippy feeling. I was angry, focused, happy and full of energy.

I drove like a maniac today, almost killed 2-3 fellow bikes and some stupid pedestrians who have no road sense. More on the pedestrians, these people really deserve to die!! Why cant they just look to the left and the right of the road before they decide to run across. And just when they see a biker why do they have to run across? Do they get some evil satisfaction by doing dumb ass things like that? Today i was merciless. I purposely went close to a few pedestrians just to shake them up a little. They yelled abuses, i yelled back even worse abuses.

I reached back home in one piece, and i could think only of Mr. Miyagi and his wax on, wax off drill. All i wanted to do was punch something real hard for 20 mins just to break some steam.

And thanks to dad, i did wax on, wax off in the kitchen, courtesy the mess he had left behind in his morning rush.

But seriously, i would make a decent boxer if i tried. Maybe i should give it a whirl. I don't think i will be this fit ever again in my entire life. So why not make the most of right now. Besides, there are a few jaws i want to break, so the boxing would definitely come in handy.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Some obvious truths of life..

Some obvious in your face truths of life, which we refuse to see, which we deny, which we want to believe does not exist.

1. If things are meant to happen, they will. Simple. You cant force it, you cant accelerate or decelerate the force at which it happens or does not happen.

2. If things don't happen the way you pictured them to be in your head, then just forget it and move on. There is no point staying stuck at that one point, because that would be a complete waste of your time and energy. Besides, there must be something much better out there for you. So thank the good lord that it DID NT happen.

3. All men are pigs. Not figuratively, but literally. They have no sense of hygiene. They mess up sparkling clean kitchens, sparkling clean table tops and they don't realise the whirlwind of muck they've left behind. Women are god's gifts to men, because we clean up after them. We ensure they don't catch any diseases, because we provide them with a clean environment.

4. All women have mood swings, and i blame it on the "curse of womanhood". Why god why, did you give it to us for those few days every month. Dammit. Grr.

5. Every dog has his day. We're good people, and eventually good things will happen to us. So, maybe we have to wade through a lot of bull shit and horse shit, but at the end of that shitty journey, we WILL get exactly what we wanted our whole life. And at point in our life, we will smile to ourselves, look back at our past mistakes/immaturity, look up at the sky, smirk at God and whisper "YOU dog you"

Monday, October 08, 2007

3DS Max..

I have had the most gruelling 48 hours of my life, i have been completely mind fucked, tensed and worried to death. All thanks to this screw all software called 3DS Max which refused to get installed from two friend's CDS AND a whole night of download.

And to top it all, i had a BIG submission due today on 3DS. 80% of my work was complete. I just had to render my environments. And I'd heard horror stories of rendering from the gang and classmates. Apparently, rendering took 3-4 hours and in some cases, as long as 16 whole hours!!

And to top all this, mommy had left for Trivandrum yesterday. So coming back home to a mommy less house, was very depressing. The life source of the house had been sucked out. The walls looked accusingly at dad and me, asking us where their bosswoman was.

Sleeping peacefully at night was out of the question. I just kept tossing and turning. So, i called my agony aunt and spilled my guts out to her at 12am. We chatted up till 2, about why we had such a lousy animation teacher, the nauseatingly talented anime geniuses in class and the BIG submission.

Call me a nerd now, because i think I'm the only human being on the face of the planet who has had a sleepless night over an almost done submission. I got up in the morning with the first ring of my phone's alarm, rushed to college, blocked two computers and kept rendering my environments.

Finally, i was one of the first few in class to submit the BIG assignment. I handed over the CD and walked out. For the first few seconds there was a feeling of pure undiluted peace and relaxation. A bottle of overly sweetened lime juice and some friendly banter later, i was in my zone again. Crazy "i have to finish my submission right NOW or my head will explode me" had officially left the building.

And right now, sitting at home, in front of my PC and typing this post, that crazy tensed, anxious feeling is back. And i have no clue why. My head feels all knotted up. This right here, this feeling is a hangover. And ladies and gentlemen, alcohol didnt play a role. Mind fucked. Repeat after me, mind fucked. I need to catch a shrink, and soon. I'm going crazy.