Tuesday, April 29, 2008


First up, cut the movie some slack. It's not all that hideous. It's a good entertainer and worth almost every penny, of the 100 odd bucks spent for the tickets.

The story revolves around 4 characters. Saif Ali Khan - A call center employee who is obsessed with women, this character is thrown in, to the portray the yuppie Indian youth of today. Kareena Kapoor - a slut essentially, but a slut with morals. (She's Indian after all remember) She is out to avenge her father's death and hence will trample things which cause roadblocks, men and material included. Akshay Kumar - a country bumpkin, who idol worships Anil Kapoor. I loved this character, partly because he really kicked some mean ass and pulled off stunt after stunt effortlessly and partly because he did full justice to the country bumpkin role. No one could've done it better. Anil Kapoor - a crazy Don, who wants to learn angreez, kill people, make a ton of money - you know, the usual Don stuff.

Kareena dupes Saif into believing that she is in love with him and swindles him of a ton of money, which belongs to Anil Kapoor. Anil Kapoor in turn, gets pissed off and sends Akshay Kumar to beat the shit out of Saif, find the girl and bring the two and the money back to him.

It's a typical Bollywood masala flick with the usual dose of song, dance, melodrama, childhood sweethearts and a mad villain of course. All in all, a fun 3 hours and something minutes!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Letting Go..

One of the most hardest things in the world, is letting go. However close you are to someone or something, at some point you just have to let things be and not obsess over it.

Parents, have to learn to let go of their children. Treating them like 5 year olds when they're 21 and can legally drink is uncool. Although, i suppose I'll know the feeling only when I'm a parent i guess. But as of right now, I'm on the other side of the fence and this is pure undiluted injustice!

Friends, are the best things ever. There is no question of letting go or giving them 'space'. You can be around them all the time and still not feel suffocated by them.

Lovers, are weird beings. It's a huge complicated mess when one wants a lot of space and the other would just like to spend some quality time. I hate love. I always have. It's never been kind to me. I have become a full blown out and out cynic. In fact, I've always had a very strong hunch that i was an evil queen in my last birth, who separated lovers and got between the way of true love.

Anyway, at the end of the day, you cant force things to happen. If you get hurt, deal with it. Don't mope for too long, don't mope for too little time. Mope for just the exact amount of hours.

If, on the other hand, you get lucky and end up with the man of your dreams, good for you! Just don't come around gloating about it to the rest of us single folks and make us look like wimps. Thankyou very much.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Holiday..

The Holiday is for people who are going through a mid life, relationship crisis. This movie covers every nook and cranny about the highs and lows, of being in love. Clingy ex-boyfriends who take you for a ride and you get carried away because you're still in love with the idiot. Girlfriends who claim to be head over heels in love with you, but the minute you turn your back on her, she finds comfort in the arms of another man.

The movie centers around the lives of two women. Kate Winslet - the smart, pretty, kind, generous girl who is blindly in love with her stupid ex, who takes full advantage of her vulnerability and uses her as a nice and proper doormat. Cameron Diaz - a successful career woman, who owns a movie trailor making company. She is at the top of her game - sophisticated, rich, sassy. Her life couldn't get more perfect, except for the fact that her live in boyfriend slept with another woman.

The two women decide to take a break, from their messed up lives and decide to swap houses for 2 weeks. Diaz goes to Winslet's quaint little cottage and finds love in Winslet's brother, Jude Law. Winslet goes to Diaz's mini mansion of a house and makes friends quickly (she is portrayed as the English version of Munnabhai - she spreads cheer wherever she goes) and she finds love in Diaz's ex boyfriends' business partner.

Obviously, all ends well. I will say no more, because this movie deserves at least one watch. It's the perfect end to a perfect Saturday of binging at a buffet lunch and spending some quality time with the folks. *Burp* excuse me. =D

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My prolonged vacation..

Vacations suck, especially when you know that after it's over, you will not go back into the routine that you were so used to for 3 whole years.. (I'm still heartbroken over passing out, so please bear with some emotional sop)

I just got back home after a 11 day fiasco, in coconut oil and overly hairy men land. The experience was moderately pleasant. I didn't miss coming online this holiday. Trivandrum for me has always been torture. I'm house arrested with no bike, no friends, no gym and no internet connection at home. But this time around, i embraced all that with an overdose of Zoom TV, MTV, 9XM, HBO and Star Movies. Crappy bollywood songs and ridiculously idiotic chick flicks and vague, stupid boy humour flicks are all on the back of my hand now.

I considered writing a book with all the free time in hand, but NO.. the idiot box screamed out my name the minute my eyes opened in the morning.

As for gymming, my next best friend after the internet, i compensated that with running up and down the hillside. My grandma has a house right on top of the hill. You get a splendid view of the whole city if you stand on the terrace. Anyways, back to my primitive workout sessions.. I couldn't feel my back for 5 hours straight after running all over the hill. And when i could finally feel some sensation on my back, it felt like a T-Rex had marched all over my back and jumped on it a few hundred times.

And finally, the sole reason for this unholy trip this year - Weddings! I tried my very best to slip out of my socially awkward self and make conversation and pretend to know my extended large deranged family with horny uncles and matchmaking aunts all in toe. As for cute boys, there were NONE! *sniffs*

Coming back to the point of this post - Vacations SUCK! Vacations are for losers! I want work, i want work!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Passing Out.. Finally!

Today was the VERY LAST DAY B.sc Electronic Media, Batch of 2008 walked into college. We were called to collect our Transfer Certificates, sharp at 10.30am. Most of us walked in dot on time, knowing fully well that we'd have to wait for at least 2 hours to get our TCs in hand. But today was different, we walked in on time because this was the last time we'd ever see each other again as a class. The noise, the chatter, the sound of the old rusty fan, the faces of our profs - we would drink in the details for years to come.

I clung on to my best friend and made promises of being in touch with her, come what may. Life as we had known it to be, was coming to a sad end. We all wanted to burst into tears, but held them back for fear that we'd kill the festive mood. We smiled a smile that reached only our lips, our eyes spoke of the gloom that lurked inside.

It was finally my turn, to collect my TC. My faculty adviser smiled and wished me luck. I smiled back and walked away, too chocked to let the words come out. I walked out of the Department and looked on with envy at a few 2nd year kids talking animatedly amongst themselves.

I went back to my best friend and clung on to her. We walked into our classroom, looked at the wall that had all our names scribbled on it, looked at our desks, the window we used to spy on the watchman, glanced at the house we thought had caught fire and called the cops (whilst in reality a havan was on and the smoke was from the sacred fire), the blackboard we never used (well, not NEVER, we did doodle on it occasionally) .

We went back to the Department and waited for her turn, to collect her TC. I spotted my gang in the cluster of people inside the Department, hugged all of them and said goodbye.

TC in hand, we decided to walk down the stairs, promising one another to keep in touch through Face book and G talk.

All good things must come to an end; she said. I nodded silently, gave her one last hug and we walked in opposite directions with the hope of seeing each other again, someday!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My hot hairdresser boy - Part 2

This is one of those posts that require a little brushing up. It all began like so :- http://bonappetite.blogspot.com/2007/11/cute-hairdresser-boy.html

NOW resume reading here! Yesterday was a very sacred day for me. I was waiting for what felt like an eternity to have my tresses chopped, by my Edward Scissor hands version 2.0

I walked into the parlour to find my chappie in a hassled mood, the parlour was busier than usual yesterday and he was running hither tither between customers chopping, dying, straightening and advising.

He looked at me briefly, pointed out to a chair which faced a big mirror and continued running around the parlour. Once seated, he took off my hair clip and surveyed the war zone. He suggested that 4 inches need to be chopped off. I LOVE my long hair and in normal circumstances i would've said; up yours and bolted, but because it was HE who had suggested it, i smiled demurely and nodded.

He snapped his fingers and asked one of his helpers, to wash my hair. Hair wash done, a towel was thrown on my head like a turban. He was the last person on the face of this planet who should've seen me like that, but thanks to the nice blue stoned semi danglers i had thrown on, i didn't look too hideous. He towel dried my hair for me, made a parting and picked up his tools.

The next 10 minutes were absolutely out of this world. I felt sparks when he ran his fingers through my scalp. And each time he got his face close to mine to check what he was doing, i had to literally control the urge to smooch him. Remember Leo Di Cap painting Kate Winslets' nude picture in Titanic? I felt like Kate Winslet. I was letting an artist do his thing and trying to look unperturbed about the whole thing, while in reality i could feel an incredible amount of heat from head to toe.

Haircut done, he blow dried my hair and styled it. The person who looked back at me from the mirror was a diva! He had given my straw straight hair fun bouncy curls. I wanted to kiss his hands and ask him, whether he was free for dinner later that night.

But as always, i didn't do anything. I just smiled, blew the hair bang away from my eyes and thanked him.

Message to the Divine Superpower :
Please God, give me the strength and courage to ask him out at least the next time.