Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Food for thought..

I tried hookah today for the very first time at Mocha.. I had gone along with a friend.. We tried their green apple flavoured hookah.. It was HORRIBLE.. i absolutely hated/loathed it..

After about 12 puffs of the eeyew tasting thing i wondered.. How do people do this shit..? If they wanted some sweet crap going down their throat they might as well go & drink some juice at fruit shop..

I lunged into my bag for my Wills pack and i puffed with
relief when the nicotine filled my lungs..

And right after I smoke I have the appetite of a horse.. I can eat absolutely ANYTHING that moves..

So to satisfy my bottomless pit we ordered a dessert called 'That Chocolate Thing'.. We waited impatiently for about 25 minutes before the waitress finally brought it on our table.. It was absolutely worth the wait.. It was lip smacking.. I cud not stop digging on the plate with the spoon until every drop of the chocolate sause had dried on it..

After about 5 minutes of staring at each other with glee and sheepish grinning, a thought struck me.. Places like Pizza Hut have offers like "Bottomless Pepsi" ie pay the price for 1 cup of pepsi but the glass is re-filled each time its empty.. and likewise "Topless Pizza".. ie pay the price for 1 pizza and eat a zillion.. *slurp*

So why cant Mocha also have an offer like that..? They can call it the "Plateless Sins" or "Plateless desserts" or well whatever.. they can give it a fancy name and we can pay for the price of 1 That Chocolate thing or 1 Choco Father or 1 Chocolate Avalanche or 1 Lava Lava.. and we can keep eating that particular dessert for which we have payed for, till our greed is extinguised.. Im sure chocolate lovers would all nod along with me..

Hmm.. Now THAT'S some food for thought.. Mocha admin/heads.. if u're reading this.. Please oh please.. Hear me out and consider this suggestion seriously.. I assure you I would LIVE in mocha if u guys have this offer..

Friday, November 17, 2006

The life of the ladybird..

So when i was little i had this habit of catching random ladybirds and putting them in a matchbox..

I loved the tiny red bug with the black dots.. I loved watching them run around in my matchbox.. but every now and then it would poop.. a golden-yellowey dot poop..

Now why am i going on and on about a ladybird you wonder..

Well.. I am the ladybird now.. We've swapped places apparently.. Now i'm the one who is running around peeing in my pants and the big box is college..

They say "What goes around comes around".. so so true..

The torturer has become the torturee.. Forgive me my ladybird friend..

Friday, November 03, 2006

Yet Another Ode To My Love

You inspire me to work hard & make a name for myself in this world..
And i promise i will not let u down..

I have immense respect for u..
And i place you in the highest position of my heart.. Where you rightfully belong..

Your maturity leaves me awestruck..
Many a time you have played the role of my guide,my advisor and my best friend..
You're trying your very best to lead me through the right path of life.. And i shall gladly follow..

You have turned my world upside down..
Life as i had known it to be ceazes to exist..

The shallow side of my personality is fading away little by little..
All thanks to you..

Each second of my life that i spend with you im falling more and more in love with you..

And i love this feeling..
This feeling of being your woman.. Till my very last breath..