Sunday, June 24, 2007

Once Upon a Time in Mexico..

A guitar-fighter. He pulls a few strings and then goes boom boom boom with his guitar. Now what in the world, could be more sexier than that? And throw in the long messy hair, which keeps falling into his eyes, the way his fingers move on the strings and yes the fact that the guitar fighter in question, is Antonio Banderas. *drool* I think i died and went straight up to 7th heaven.

The story is pretty simple. The guitar fighter aka El Mariachi is hired by a CIA officer, Agent Sands played by, Johnny Depp to kill General Marquez. This Marquez man murdered El's wife and child and he has been hired by a Mexican drug lord Armano Barillo, to kill the Mexican President.This is the general outline of the movie. There are a few subplots as well.

If you're a lover of bang-bang dishum dishum flicks, then dont miss out on this one. And a word to music lovers, the background score was just mmmmuah. I CANNOT explain it in mere words. You just HAVE to hear it, to believe it. Mexican music is the most SOULFUL music, (to say the least) i have heard in my entire life. It makes you want to dance, cry, laugh and it leaves you begging for more. After the movie was over, i went back to Scene selection and played the music bit of the movie all over again.

Watch Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Period.


Gymming. When the word first came into my life, i just groaned and thought to myself oh hell NO. There is NO WAY i'm going to waste my life in a stupid room full of huge machines.

I took up a personal training thing for the first one month, burnt a nice BIG hole in my wallet, played along and put on 2 kgs at the end of it.

I was adamant to let the puppy fat stay. Who was i without the puppy fat? The chubby cheecks and the flab in general is who i am.

Then i noticed my fellow gymmers, i really LOOKED, and i saw this : Fit, in shape, good looking men and women busting their ass on the threadmill, EFX, and lifting weights bigger than them. Satya ka gyaan hit me like a metal thing falling on my head from the skies. (like the Roadrunner show)

I HAD to loose weight.. Cute and chubby is OUT, fit and active and dangerous curves are IN. And so it began, a painful journey of eating way lesser than what i normally eat. 1 hour of cardio and 8 sets of weight training later, I’m proud to say this, i have lost, 6 kgs.

And the best part is, i LOVE gymming now. My day is not complete if i dont sweat like a pig, pant like a dog and make strange foo foo noises.

I strongly recommend a 2 hour workout to junta who is the OLD me. It gives you a natural high. For the rest of the day, you'll be all giggly and drunk on fresh air. And your energy levels would be so high, it would surprise you.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tooral Mazha..

Tooral Mazhais are the most annoying things that can happen to us "if i sit at home for longer than a minute my head will explode" people..

Rains are associated with joy, beauty, giver of life, 2 lovers sitting on a tree and k-i-s-s-i-n-g.. and so on.. I wish i could whack the penner of those phrases and ask him/her, are you out of your mind..? Do u LIKE being house arrested..?

Back to Tooral Mazhais, they're not even REAL rains.. Tooral rains are like dogs peeing on random telephone poles and car tyres and running away to find a new spot to pee on.. The frequency of the drip-drip is unpredictable..

And its this unpredictability factor, which makes Tooral Mazhais even more annoying.. I woke up this morning late as usual, gobbled some breakfast and rushed out to my bike. Dad insisted, "Wear your raincoat.. looks like it's going to pour.." The embarrassing bright yellow Winnie the Pooh raincoat flashed in my brain, i preferred freezing to death over looking like a spectacle. So i said aloud, "Naah.. its not raining now.. i'll take my chances and not wear my raincoat pop.."

With that, i kickstarted my bike and vroomed onto the roads.. No sooner had i crossed the first traffic signal, it started to pour. So, out came Winnie the Pooh. *groan*

As soon as i reached my college parking lot, i flung Winnie into the deepest corner of my bike.. That done, i heaved a sigh of relief and thanked the good Lord for not letting anyone see me dressed as a clown..

Rains.. LOUSY stupid rains..

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

First Dates..

First dates are strange things. You're dressed your best, you're nervous as hell and you want to leave a good impression. It's almost like giving a job interview, without getting a job at the end of it. And now all these factors loom really large especially when the date is someone you ACTUALLY like. I don't believe in love at first sight, but i DO believe in crushes at first sight. I saw him, i went wowie and the rest is history.

So, my first date with the lad was not too bad. I would'nt term it a COMPLETE disaster. I could've babbled a little less maybe, but i was nervous as hell. My heart was bungee jumping inside my chest and my brain was on a temporary holiday to the Bahamas.

I was completely drunk on this ragged,could've ironed his shirt at least lad. I took in the details.. the ear-ring, the little patch on his left eyebrow, the hint of a stubble on his face, the chunky watch on his wrist, the uncombed messy hair, the boyish grin. I was on a date with a Greek God.

So, what happened next you ask? Do we have a happy ever after ending? Do i confess the violent boing boings of my heart to him? And does he grin and give me a nice warm bear hug? Nope. Sadly, none of the filmy eeshtyle drills happened. Instead, we parted with waves and polite tadas and vroomed away, in opposite directions.

Some things, are just too good to be true, like shooting stars, one minute they're around and the next they're gone. First dates and shooting stars are quite the same. You catch a tiny little glimpse of joy and before you can wallow in the moment, its gone.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The plane ride from hell..

First up, i'm shit scared of heights, be it on the giant wheel, the roller coaster, the ranger, you name it, i'm scared of them all. I'm the loudest to scream and the first to hurl in any of these rides. So, for someone like me to board a plane and stick my head like a dog, on that little window thing and look at the view below, is QUITE nerve-racking.

This was not my first plane ride, i've been there done that. What i really REALLY look forward to, in any flight, is the food, its all in miniature. Yummy food in blow up your nose portions, a great Indian sweet thrown in and tea or coffee, is the standard menu for an economy class air ticket.

I boarded flight IC-932 at 6.40 pm, sweated my pores out like a pig for the next 15 minutes and when it took off the runway my face was plastered on the window, and i kept looking down at the view till i could see no more of it. The next 25 minutes were agonizing because the hot steward men still had'nt served the food and i kept digging mom on the arm, whispering loudly in her ear, "where's the freaking food?"

An announcement of turbulence and bad weather later, food was FINALLY served. I was midway through my meal when the plane started jerking a little and i thought to myself, "oh yippie, i'm finally home, the plane must have landed." Instead, the captain announced his apologies and requested the cabin crew to take their places immediately. The sandwich i was eating was stuck in my throat, my tummy was brewing up a mini-cyclone and i whispered hoarsely to myself, "i'm going to die on a freaking plane OR be stuck on an island like those men and women from the TV series Lost"

But i was quickly distracted from thoughts of death by the yummy Rasagolla and 15 minutes later we were in Chennai. The first thing i did as soon as i climbed down the steps of the plane was, to touch the ground with my fingers and feel solid earth once again.