Friday, March 31, 2006

Miss Goody 2 Shoes OUT… Mean-Ass-I-Don’t-Give-A-Fuck-Bitch IN..

D problem wid me is d following…

1.mez a doormat.. I let ppl trample all over me.. and d irony is I don’t even realize it.. until d trampling process is over..

2.I trust ppl blindly.. fer a looong time I thot d whole world is filled wid nice guys and grls who are all out to make my life less monotonous and borin...

3.I get too emotionally attatched to ppl.. I let them control me..

4.I get vulnerable very easily.. I start sayin things wich shud prolly go wid me to d grave.. but oh no.. my big mouth jus cant shut d fuck up.. I blurt out every gawd dayum detail of my personal life..

5.Im insecure.. I always hv a feelin im not good enuf… not good enuf fer ppl to b arnd me.. not good enuf fer ppl to get to kno me..

6.I hv a phobia fer d dark.. I hv a feelin im watched by d world beyond.. Ive had a coupla nitemares involving lil grl ghosts, gothika type grl ghosts etc.. and therefore I hv sum jobless frnds who call me up @ nite and say ridiculous things.. a few pounds extra.. while d rest of d world is filled wid anorexically malnutritioned sticks wrapped arnd wid clothes.. Im a chubby fill my clothes nice and proper.. luv my grub person.. and hence my weight is anotha issue.. butt of most fat ppl jokes et al..

So my action plan fer d above 7 wud b d following:

1.start trampling d tramplers.. they wont kno wot hit them.. flash em wid one of my pearly angelish grins and wallah pull d mat frm under their feet.. therefore d messers become d messes..

2.I will stop trustin ppl.. I will look @ every1 wid X ray vision.. ill critically analyze their body language..

3.I will stop getting emotionally attached to ppl.. ppl are merely players in dis game of life.. make d rite moves and get away unhurt and triumphant..

4.I will stop blurtin out d dark secrets of my borin life.. a bubbly full of life.. cant keep my mouth shut.. ever smiling goof ball.. I try to spread joy in my own weird ways.. so take it or leave it..

6.thr r no such things as ghosts.. so mez gonna stop watchin horror flicks and reading horror novels.. chubby.. so wot..?!! ppl are jus jealous of my puppy fat… im happy in my body.. and I look good.. hrmph..

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

In d words of my angel…

As i sat on my bed on a hot afternoon and rocked frm side to side wid silent tears flowin down d side of my face..

Random thots of misery poppin into my brain every now and den..

Ponderin abt all d times life had’nt danced to my tunes..

I remembered d words of my angel..

Don’t force things to happen.. wot is yours will come to u child..

Human relationships are a game.. make all d rite moves and u win.. make wrong moves and u get yer ass whooped nice and proper..

Always remember.. believe in yerself.. difficulties in life are merely tests of courage.. let difficulties kno dat u are difficult..

Don’t give up widout a fite..

And fer all d ppl who hznt appreciated u screw em all..

Always think abt those who care abt u.. who respect u.. who are dependent on u..

Hang in thr.. d wave of life hz to go up again sumday..

Sunday, March 26, 2006

IIPM’s AMAZE – 2006 in association wid blah blah blah presents… BOMBAY VIKINGS AND STRINGS

To be honest.. I aint a huge Bombay Vikings fan.. hvnt even heard their music..
And as fer strings.. ive heard a coupla tracks namely.. duur,dhaani and d spidey ost..

So why did I go..? well d reason is simple.. as a wise man quoted to me last week.. “listen to all sorta music.. dat makes u a true musician”

And so @ 6.30pm my good frnd Arun and I set out to d YMCA grounds..

7.00 pm We finally reach d place.. d 1st thing we saw d min we got off d bike wuz a woman in a very very gaudy looking silk saree.. I groaned mentally.. “oh boy.. tis wuz gonna b a loooong nite”

7.45 pm D show hznt started yet.. 107.1 fm’s RJ Niladri makes an announcement in his deep sexy voice.. “ladies and gentleman d show will commence in anotha 5 mins”

therz a collective booing frm d impatient audience.. I wuz standing @ d 250 bucks slot.. flood lites were placed too close.. and d heat wuz unbearable..

8.00pm sum guy on a cycle circles on stage and says sumthin in broken English.. as my frnd quoted.. “tis is d worst Mc ing I’ve eva heard”

8.10 pm sum fat guy wid streaks in his hair gets on stage and d crowd goes ballistic.. he starts to sing.. d earth beneath my feet wuz vibrating wid ppl jumping arnd.. my frnd and I were d only 2 ppl who stood like stones.. not amused one bit.. wen d guy ended 1 song.. sum1 in d bak screamed out my sentiment.. “abey..paisa wapas de”

8.20 pm.. fat guy still singing.. frnd & I slowly begin to realize our predicament.. and join in by clappin our hands reluctantly.. cuz if ya cant beat em join em and wen in rome b roman.. **sniff** :/

9.00 pm.. yaay..!!! fat guy goes off stage..

9.01pm.. we gobble fried wonton and gobi manchurian and drink sum mirida and 7up..

9.15pm.. faisal,bilal and their band assemble on stage.. “can we hv d lights on d audience plzz.. I wud like to see em betta..” said faisal..
faisal wuz very confident.. and he quickly captured d hearts of d crowd..

@ one point he introduced.. his band members..
so and so on d drums..
so and so on d bass guitar
so and so on d lead guitar..
each had a solo wich lasted fer abt a min…

bilal.. d lead guitarist.. played saarein jahan se accha.. and d crowd screamed in approval..

after dat faisal said “weneva we go fer a show.. tis is wot we do to find out how many grls and how many guys are present..”

“so now all u grls.. sing aley aley aley” .. so d women sing..
same drill fer d men..

“hmm.. therz a good number of guys & grls here.. good..”

9.50 pm.. we cudnt stand it nemore.. we had to go closer.. heck d only reason we’re here wuz fer these guys.. d physical barriers namely a flimsy excuse fer a fence didn’t stop us.. we jumped and ran to d 500 buck slot.. unfortunately during d process I got stuck and so my frnd pulled as hard as he cud.. wid d rest of me still dangling on d odder side.. (not a pretty site)
neways.. made it eventually.. :/ wid a potential shoulder dislocation.. but on d brite side we were finally more close to d stage..

10.10 pm.. faisal says.. “now lets see how many of u are good fielders here..” and he takes a plastic cover wid 10-15 tennis balls.. bilal takes up a bat.. and they begin to play.. d tennis balls are caught by d audience..

10.15pm.. d lamers @ d 1000 buck slot start to walk out..!! I wuz stunned..!! I wanted to scream out.. “wot d hell is wrong wid u ppl..?!! these guys are amazing..” I wished I had d ability to multiply.. I wished thr wuz a 100 mes on d ground..

10.45 pm.. “tis is d last song fer d evening.. so all of u go crzy.. all u guys who’re sitting plzz stand up fer tis one..” and he sings d zinda OST, ye dosti.. and sum odder song wich I aint familiar wid.. but thr wuz a line wich went.. “tu mera mein tera.. ye jaanta hai saara Hindustan” @ tis point he said.. I’ll sing ‘saara Hindustan’ and u guys sing ‘saara Pakistan”

d crowd once again cheered in approval.. we were totally enamored by tis guy.. if @ dat point he had said jump off a cliff we wud’ve agreed.. we were all in sum kind of trance..

10.50 pm.. they wind up.. and wid all d energy reserves left in me I screamed.. I screamed like thr wuz no tmrw.. I screamed till I wuz completely breathless..

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Can a stranger affect yer life..?

Yes.. widout a doubt..

I strongly agree wid d sayin “it takes a few hrs to get to kno sum1.. anotha coupla hrs to start likin dat sum1.. coupla few hrs more to start thinking in d lines of why d heck didn’t I meet tis amazing human bein before..?”

Now therz nuffin wrong in bein a lil dreamy.. NOTE: a Little..!!

We always want wot we cant hv and I say gawd is a mean saddistic creature who sits up thr wid a poking device in hand..

Why show us things we cant hv..? why tempt us and den mock us wid “nanananana.. u cant hv dat..”

Wen I wuz a kid mom told me.. “don’t talk to strangers”

But d rebel in me didn’t allow me to do so.. I luv meetin ppl.. and I continue to do so..

Well now fastforwardin to d present..

I wuz @ college.. blushin and all giggly like a dumb skool kid.. narratin my tale of bumpin into a silent brooding stranger who I thot wuz prolly d one good thing dat happened to me in a loooong long time and so on and so forth..

My frnd bein d more mature,sensible one.. told me.. “chillax.. don’t trust strangers so blindly”
My immediate response wuz.. “bah..! u sound jus like my ma..”

And d rest is history.. of corse d whole thing fizzled out nice and proper.. and mez bak to square one.. who knows if silent broodin eva wants to talk to me again..

Well on d bright side.. I guess d memory wud always remain and it mite come flashin bak to me every now and den to give me a mental kick in d rear..

Lesson learnt.. “don’t get too excited and don’t go overboard wen u meet sum1 new..”

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Beautiful Stranger

Memories of our brief meeting linger in my mind..
The thot of it makes my skin tingle wid pleasure..
A smile comes on my face and I blush a lil..
I had gone looking fer a pair of jeans..
I had no idea I’d end up starin @ d guy of my dreams..

His eyes didn’t leave mine frm d minute he entered d shop..
He smiled,he grinned and he looked wid a look on his eyes dat made my knees buckle and my heart pound hard…

I suddenly felt shy.. a feelin I had’nt undergone in a looong looong time..
He had an effect on me.. an undescribable sweet feeling I cant explain..
When it wuz time to leave,I looked up @ him and he looked up @ me..

He smiled once again.. dat sexy smile.. wich made my kness buckle and my heart melt..
And once again my knees shook and my heart melted..
He started up his bike.. a roar of noise hit my ears..

And @ d same time I felt my heart break..
I realized dis wuz it..
He wuz so close yet so far..
Good bye handsome stranger.. take care..
I hope we meet again sumday..

(random shit once again..)

tis incident really did happen btw.. I wuz 14.. went to besant nagar.. fashion folks.. and I saw tis greek gawd.. :p he had a ruggish yet very innocent round face..

he lingered on in my mind d whole of d next day and so I decided to pen it down..

I still drive past fashion folks almost every odder day cuz Bessie is my hangout.. and @ times I still do scan d parkin lot of fashion folks to see whether therz a yamaha rx 135.. (brown tank..) parked thr

A 1000 knives

A 1000 knives bleed my heart…
I feel my heart exploding wid luv..
He came like d wind..
He cast a spell on me..
All he did wuz talk..
I heard his voice fer d first time and I knew dat id found him—my guy..
As the days flew by..
I found myself falling harder and harder for him..
And now it looks like ive reached rock bottom..

I pictured him as d wild guy..
D guy wid d guitar and long hair..
D guy who talked,breathed and created music,
He wuz my dream come true..

A 1000 knives bleed my heart..
My dreams are shattered,
“my guy” aint mine afterall

When I look @ him I see sumthin rare
Wot makes him different..?
Wots thr inside him..? --- a shinin star to me..

His eyes.. im sure brighten people’s days..
They shine like stars on a dark gloomy nite..
His lips - - d most lovliest pink ive eva seen..
His hands - - firm yet gentle..
His laugh - - a cool tantalizing breeze on a dry desert..
His hair - - a water fall flowin eva so gently

A 1000 knives bleed my heart..
As I realize I can only admire d beautiful sunset..
I cannot toch him.. I cannot feel him..
There wud neva b a day wen I can declare to d world my luv fer him..

The luv inside me wud remain buried..
It’ll b secret..
He’ll neva kno.. cuz he doznt wanna hear it..

(random shit wich I penned down a coupla yrs bak)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The IIT Rock Show

January 29th 2006 wuz an ordinary day in d lives of most of mankind.. But dat day marked d turning point of my life.. It wuz d first day of my teenage life my parents allowed me stay out beyond my ridiculous curfew time of 9 pm..

Not only dat.. it wuz d day my parents realized dat im a mature,responsible adult who can make decisions of her own.. They realized dat my needs were simple.. I wuz deprived of so many things cuz of my curfew time.. But tis yr.. I put my foot down.. “I hv to go for d show..” my decision wuz final.. and my folks didn’t hv a choice but to give in..

I wuz so excited.. My brain pictured d bands on stage.. D crowd.. I kept msgin my frnd who wuz to take me fer d show.. His response wuz… “chill babe.. don’t get so hyper.. I don’t think it’ll b all dat gr8.. d bands playin are Led Zepplica.. obviously sum wannabe band and Parikrama.. sum Indian metal band.. I think they’re gonna suck..”

But I thot to myself.. heck.. who cares.. Ill b out beyond 9 pm and tis wuz gonna be my first eva rock show..

6.30 pm.. My frnd picked me up and we drove upto IIT..

6.50 pm.. A bus picks us up frm d IIT entrance and drops us to d Open Air Theatre..

7.00 pm.. Security checks and finally we walk in.. My eyes fell upon d dimly light stage… I saw 2 drum kits on stage.. My excitement levels doubled on seeing d beautiful instruments.. I scanned d crowds.. It wuz almost packed..

7.15 pm.. We settle ourselves down on to cemented steps.. And a band member runs across stage now and den jus to make d crowd scream..

7.30 pm.. A tall guy wid glasses comes on stage and bellows d name of d band who wuz to play..

7.35 pm.. D band Parikrama assemble on stage.. D vocalist.. a guy wid a nice clean shaven round bald shiny head announces.. “whoa.. A see of faces.. An ocean of hands.. I dunno wot to say.. Im so speechless.. Wot do I refer to u guys as.. IIT chennai or IIT Madras..?” The crowd screams “IIT Madras” He says.. “arrite.. now if d following names vibe wid u lift yer hands.. Deep purple,Coldplay,Gnr,Ac/dc..”

Each band’s name he called out.. d crowd went more and more ballistic..

And finally they began to play.. Me and my frnd were taken bak.. We were stunned.. We underestimated these guys.. D vocalist’s screams blew our mind away.. We were lost to his voice and d amazing music d band wuz playin.. They played sum cover songs.. And they played sum originals..

They had a violin solo.. And once again I wuz watchin wid amazement.. I wuz ignorant of d fact dat an instrument which generally produced whiny noises cud sound so good..

D lead guitarist.. A chubby cute looking teddy bear wid chinky eyes.. Had amazing chubby gifted fingers.. They were literally flying ova d guitar.. And to keep up d pace of his wriggly fingers his tummy bounced along as well..

Wen Nitin Malik and his band stopped playin.. we were geared up fer sum more amazing music..

D next band on stage wuz Led Zepplica.. D stage lights dimmed once again.. And wen it came on.. D band wuz assembled on stage.. D vocalist had his bak to d audience.. He had curly blonde hair wich wuz prolly combed neater dan my messy brown black sweaty hair wich wuz stuck on my scalp..

They started off really well.. And d crowd wuz screamin their guts out.. But @ sum point.. They suddenly started playin slow numbers.. Tis put us off.. D crowd started thinning as well..

D highlight of Led Zepplica wuz their drummer.. D guy had a drummin solo wich lasted fer about 10 mins.. He went ballistic.. He wuz like a drummin machine.. Once again fer I stood thr stunned.. watchin in amazement… wid envy.. After he wuz done thr wuz a burst of crackers in d skies and d stage lit up behind him..

12.00 pm.. D vocalist announced dat their next song wuz “stairway to heaven”.. we screamed in approval… They were prolly 3 mins into d song wen d electricity went kaput.. Exactly 15 seconds latrz d power wuz bak on.. They continued where they left off.. But once again d power went off.. So finally they gave up and went off stage and we clapped..

12.15 pm.. My frnd and I walked in silence.. Our feet hurt becuz we were jumpin all thru d show.. Our necks were stiff cuz of d intense head banging and our throats were parched cuz we were screamin our guts out.. It wuz cold.. We got into a bus wich took us upto d entrance of IIT..

12.20pm.. We get on his bike.. he drives me hme..

12.25pm.. I slowly creep in d house.. Open d door wid d duplicate key I hv.. I turn to d left and thr sit my folks wide awake and beamin.. “how wuz d show..?” they ask.. I reply.. “amazing..tell u all bout it tmrw”

D next morning I wake up and I swear I cud still hear Nitin Malik’s amazing shrill screams .. His voice stayed etched to my brain .. I fell completely in luv wid it..

CRASH - - Frm d screen writer/producer of MILLION DOLLAR BABY

A 20 sumthin black kid who makes a life outta hijackin and stealin cars… In d last scene he opens d bak door of a truck he steals and lets out illegal immigrants.. His boss tells him “u keep d car and ill sell these chinks… ill give u 500 a piece”.. but d boy follows his heart.. follows one of d few principles he imbibed and frees d immigrants..

An aging mother tells her older son who is a respectable cop in d LAPD to find her younger son.. d woman is unaware of d fact dat d younger kid is a loser.. she favours d loser son to d more mature,respectable son who actually cares bout her..

Eventually d older son doz find his kid bro.. dead.. and d mother blames him for his death and she tells him “ykno my baby came hme one day wen I wuz sleepin.. he got me groceries”.. Again d woman wuz mistaken.. D older kid stacked her fridge wid d groceries..

Matt Dillon.. a cop.. hez a racist.. he stops a black couple on their way hme.. asks d husband to show his license and registration… He den asks him to do things like touchin his nose wid his index finger etc.. Seein tis d wife gets pissed off and jumps out d car.. Matt Dillon is amused.. He den turns his attention to d pretty wife.. he feels her up.. puts his hands up her thighs to check if she wuz “clean”.. to check if she had ammunition.. and den he lets her go..

D very next day he finds d same woman stuck in a car.. D car wud blow up any minute.. its turned upside down and therz a leak.. He gets in and pulls her out.. D woman screams on seein him.. tells him to get his fuckin hands off her.. isn’t thr any1 else who can help me..? she wailed.. he calms her down and manages to pull her out seconds b4 d car blows up in smokes..

My personal favourite.. a plumber.. He comes hme one nite to find his daughter hiding under her bed.. He asks her why she wuz down thr..

She says “daddy I heard a bang of a gun”..
He says.. “oh shoot ykno wot honey.. I forgot to give u sumthin on yer 5th bday..”
she says.. “wot daddy..?”
he says.. “nevamind u wont believe me.. a fairy came to my room one nite..”
she said “yea rite..”
he says.. “see I told ya.. u wudnt believe me”
she says.. “no no temme”
he says “ oh okie if u insist.. so neways d fairy came and gave me an invisible chain to wear arnd my neck.. she said dat it wud protect me frm bullets and all things evil in dis world.. so do u wanna feel it now..?”

(thrusts out his hand to her)

she: but I don’t feel nethin..
he: dats rite.. u wont.. it’s a magic chain.. do u want it..??

(she nods)

he: well den come on up lemme tie it fer u..
(he pretends to untie a chain frm arnd his neck and ties it to her neck)
he:well thr ya go.. now u’re safe..

Exactly 24 hrs latrz.. an arab guy points a gun @ d plumber.. d grl on seein her father bein attacked.. leaps on him.. d man’s aim hits d lil grl..

D grl whispers into her father’s ears.. “u’re okie daddy.. ill protect u”..

D anguish on d plumber’s face on holdin d wounded body of his 5 yr old grips yer soul..

But wen he feels her bak,he finds no wound..

A spoilt rich bratty wife played by Sandra Bullock.. Shez d DA’s wife.. Shez pissed off wid life in general.. she whines bout it to her rich frnd.. A few mins latrz.. she twists her ankle.. All her rich frnds are way too busy.. D only person who stands by her is her maid..

All d above wud only b merely grazin d story line of dis amazing flick..

Generally wen ppl ask me “dude wot kinda movies do u watch..?” my response wud b “oh no serious ones plzz.. less brain work and loads o comedy is just abt rite”

But tis movie wuz nethin but less brain work and comedy.. It wuz life.. D hard realities of life.. Racism, stewpidity,youngsters going wild, sanile old men and women..

Watch it.. It triggers all d rite emotions.. It wud hit all dose nerves wich u left untouched and forgotten in d locked corners of yer soul...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My trip to A.I.R

About a week ago I received a letter from our very own All India Radio.. I wuz offered to broadcast a programme on d topic “humour in youth”... I tossed d paper aside after glancing thru d gloomy contents.. But my mom wuz one enthu patani about d whole thing.. “mole go fer it.. don’t miss tis opportunity” and so on.. she went ballistic.. so to satisy yet anotha one of my mother’s whims.. I sat down and typed bout my own life.. which is a neva ending comedy neways.. so d “youth” wud find my so called “script” humourous..

After 25 mins of head scratching and frantic typing.. I came up wid sumthin.. My experience as a fresher.. I passed it on to coupla frnds.. I got d following comments..

1.u call tis humour in youth..? tis is more like dark demented sarcasm in youth
2.u’re really good @ tis.. u shud write stuff like dis more often

But my mother of corse wuz ecstatic dat her child typed a coupla sentences in d language passed on by d british widout any grammatical errors..

So I called a Ms. Meenaxi.. ( a very sleepy soundin woman)

Me : M’am I received a letter frm AIR bout broadcastin a programme on “humour in youth”
Meens: Aaa ** yawn**
Me: M’am so wen do I come ova..? don’t u want to read my script,make corrections etc..
Meens: of corse… plzz drop by on Tuesday after 11 am..

And so on a hot Tuesday morning wid d birds chirping wid parched throats and d sun beatin down my bak.. ma and I drove upto d AIR station..

Our nations radio station looked like it wud collapse any minute.. D building and d employees looked like relics/ ancient antique pieces..

I waited in Meenaxi’s office fer about an hr..

Finally a rolly polly exhausted looking woman trodded in..

I got up frm d plastic chair I wuz sittin on and wished her.. She grabbed my “script” frm me and glanced thru d contents fer about 2 seconds or less..

After dat she asked me to come again d next day fer my recording..

So d next day mom and I made d treachourous zillion kms trip all d way upto d AIR station..

Once again I walked upto Meenaxi mam’s office and I found d woman in a trance.. Half sleepin.. half staring into space..

She saw me and her response wuz a yawn..

Her : u’re gayatri no..?
Me: yes ma’m
Her: ahh **yawn** can I plzz read d script..
( takes out a pen wid her chubby fingers and makes an attempt to read my script again.. she marked out d 1st word in d 1st paragraph..)
Her: okie.. pleez wait downstairs.. kiiindly wait downstairs
Me: hmm..

So mez waitin in d lobby.. after bout 15 mins chubbs walks out and I follow her to an airconditioned room..

2 nervous looking woman are being interviewed by a domineerin interviewer.. D room gets filled in no time wid men wid tiny twig like ponies frm d middle portion of ther heads.. carnatic singers I presumed..

Chubs suddenly comes runnin out and makes motions wid her hands..

So I walk upto her and we walk together to d recordin booth..

She mumbles “we’ll try to make it more funny ma”

I start reading my script.. and after I wuz done.. she montioned wid dose chubby hands once again..

She wuz beaming wen I walked in “dat wuz really good ma”.. and she gives me a half smile..

Whoah d woman hz emotions odder dan sleepin and looking bored I thot to myself on seein her tiny teeth..

And dats how my day ended.. Soon I will receive a cheque fer 200 bucks.. and I signed a contract wid d station.. So mez officially a part time employee of our nations sleepy shoddy radio station..

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


A few days in the life of a college freshman…

For 14 years I lived in a cocoon called school where I was lead like a sheep by my teachers.. Then I joined the big bad world.. or college..

The very 1st day of college I was nervous.. very very nervous.. butterflies fluttered in my stomach.. I thought to myself.. ‘will my classmates accept me for who I am..? Would I be a member the “cool gang” or the “nerdy gang”…?

I walked into my Ist Electronic Media classroom and I saw a sea of faces.. my anxiety and worries doubled.. I observed that people were already in their respective groups..

And so for the next 3-4 months I had a hard time tryin to get to know my classmates…

We barely got to know each other when our seniors and our profs told us that the college freshers culturals were just around the corner.. so for the next 3 weeks there was a flurry of activity.. All of us flaunting our talents to woo our seniors,get their attention and finally participate in all the events..

Our rival department’s every move was being watched by us like hawks.. We tried our level best to outdo them.. Each event we won.. we’d smirk at them shamelessly.. Surely this is what they call healthy competition.. More like a war maybe.. Survival of the smartest and the fittest..

Now fastforwarding to the present..

I’m in a group called “high decibel”… as the name suggests we’re a bunch of loud maniacs..

We believe in playing hard and working harder.. Luckily for us,most of our assignments,projects,seminars and reports are group work.. So 6 people pair up to form a group.. Our brainstorming sessions happen at a coffee pub right next to college.. The coffee and d knick knacks we eat fuel our thinking.. Great ideas are hence nurtured in the confines of a food joint..

Today was the very last day of our Ist year of college.. and we made full use of it..

We were jobless as usual.. It all started with a piece of paper which caught my attention.. I shaped it into a rocket and before we knew it,we were flyin rockets..

The game shifted to “catch-catch” and finally “book cricket”..

The umpire of the game being a close friend whispered in my ear when it was my turn to bat “don’t worry girl..ill make sure u don’t get run out or bowled” and we grinned wickedly at each other..

The game was fun even though my team lost I felt like a winner because I finally was in a group.. was accepted with all my flaws.. and more than anything else.. I could just hang loose and be who I am..

The games we played through the year.. made me realize that we were still little kids inside.. we have grown physically but mentally we’re all just a bunch of 12 year olds having a whale of a time..

Being the disgusting foodaholic I am.. I visit my college canteen at least once a day… Now our college canteen would resemble a railway station.. people pushin and pullin with platters of amazing food...

My gang and I plop onto empty chairs and sit in a circle and the eating fest begins.. We order a zillion dishes,which gets finished in a matter of seconds..

The sight of us eating is not pretty.. Hands all over the place plucking parathas or a clatter of spoons in the sambhar sadam.. We closely resemble pigs in a sty.. After the food is done with we march back to class.. A trechorous 4 staircases up is our classroom..

With bellies drooping to the ground and burping loudly and panting and puffing.. We finally make it to our class.. And we plop onto our wooden benches with relief..

Now id like to move on to our dear profs without whom our college life would be incomplete..

Any prof walking into our class would stand open mouthed.. the class would always be in complete chaos.. People screamin,laughin loudy,talking on their mobile phones etc..

My personal favourite is my English prof.. the minute she comes to class..i pop up like a spring and start reading the lesson she had in mind to lecture us on for the day.. She is a
rolly polly adorable woman who grants our every wish.. free classes and having little naps is what we do most of the time in her class..

And as they say there is always a dark side to the moon.. we have some horrible spinsters who handle classes for us as well.. The less spoken about them the better..

College life as a whole can be described in 1 sentence.. The best days of any individual’s life.. relish it.. drink in every minute of it.. because it does’nt last long..

I’m sad that my 1st year got over so soon.. Time has flown so fast.. it seems like just yesterday I wrote my entrance exam for the Electronic Media course..