Monday, April 24, 2006

Sinagara Chennai’s not so singara roads and traffic..

June 2005 marked d turning point in my life.. d beginning of an era perhaps.. I wuz getting into college.. wich implied license to drive.. FINALLY..!

I waited fer tis day my whole life.. I pictured myself drivin on one of em race bikes.. id zip by wid d world watchin in awe.. jus like in d movies..

But my folks had odder plans.. they did not approve of their youngest child drivin arnd in a bike.. a maruti 800 wud b jus fine they said.. but I didn’t give in.. I wanted a bike.. and dat wuz dat..

So d following month I got a brand new purple TVS Scooty Pep.. well.. not exactly wot I had in mind.. but @ least it sumwot resembled d bike in my head’s lil cousin.. :/

And as all beginners I had a few minor knocks now and den.. My wake up call came wen I had a major accident.. a bus knockin me down frm behind.. d bike and I flew in d air (matrix eesshhtyle) and I scrapped on d road fer a while.. broken bones, a bloody face and sum skin bein ripped apart..

Folks were hell bent on getting me d car now.. but I got bak on my bike in 7 days.. and I got a piercing done as well to prove to d world.. “I aint a sissy.. if life throws me limes I make lime juice”

Now I think im a seasoned rider.. its been a year now since Ive been drivin on d roads of chennai.. and I wud like to categorise d traffic as follows:

D honkers – As the name suggests these folks honk their horns fer no rhyme or reason.. im thinking mebbe they want attention.. like a spoilt brat who craves fer attention frm his/her parents all d time..

D starers - These folks jus look u up and down.. they hv a bewildered look in their eyes.. they look @ u wid a look dat says.. “hmm.. thr are odder human beings I co-exist wid on dis blue blob planet”

D strays – These folks are very much like stray dogs.. no clue bout wots goin on arnd them.. they act on impulse.. they may jump in fronta yer vehicle @ any time.. and if u hit them by accident.. gawd bless u’re soul.. my sympathies are wid u..

D buses and the auto rickshaws - I don’t hv a nick name fer buses and autos cuz they are a league apart.. they think they own d roads and hence stop whereva and weneva they want to.. they mite go slow or go fast.. (they prolly hv mood swings often) and of corse a special mention fer d auto drivers.. money suckin hounds.. so tackle wid caution..

D gap seekers – I belong to dis category.. :D we folks spot d gaps in a traffic jam.. sqeeuze in and drive away unhurt (touch wood) therefore we save a lotta time and fuel..

D road huggers – these folks drive rather crawl like snails right in d middle of d road.. u mite b late fer college, late to meet a frnd, late fer a movie perhaps.. but u cant do a darn thing abt it.. u either crawl behind em or honk fer approximately 10 mins after wich road hugger mite move a lil to give u way..

Sunday, April 23, 2006

U Can Loose What u Neva Had..

My acquaintance wid him wuz brief.. 5 days to b exact..

In dat very short span o time.. we explored many emotions.. I gave it my all..

I let him see the little girl inside..

Time flew by so quick wen we rambled on and on about nothing in particular..

Finally.. we decided to throw away our virtual masks and meet in flesh..

I wuz excited.. I probably didn’t get tis excited even wen I got material possessions..

“D” day went well.. or so I think..

D msgs and calls abruptly stop.. I battle out in my head wot cud’ve gone wrong..

I blamed myself fer tis sudden change of events..

At times thr wuz a strange feeling of numbness and @ times thr wuz a deep sorrow dat cut thru my soul..

5 days..! Dats all it took..

Those stolen moments we shared stayed etched on to my memories..

I realized dat I wuz’nt strong enuf.. life gave me a little toss and I wuz flat on my face..

I hv to stand bak up on my feet again and let bygones be bygones..

D clich├ęd line.. “everythin happens fer a reason” is my mantra to stay focused and calm..

Monday, April 03, 2006

WARNER BROTHERS presents in association with VILLAGE ROADSHOW PICTURES.. Halle Berry in CATWOMAN..

Im an animal luver who hates cats.. cant stand d disgustin-cant-identify-his-master-feline things..

But now wen I look @ cats I hv respect in my eyes.. all thx to CATWOMAN..

Yes I am a sucker fer superheroes.. luv spidey,daredevil,batman,superman.. read a few marvel comics.. and I think d movies are a poor representation of d hero…

Catwoman is a superhero I had no knowledge of until today..

D sole reason I took d DVD is becuz me bored,jobless and d added bonus of Halle Berry.. luv dat woman.. shez got class.. a timeless beauty.. and shez a brilliant actor..

And no one cud’ve done justice to d role of Catwoman except tis black babe..

Freedom,independence,wild,untamed.. catwoman epitomises these 4 pillars..

D history of catwomen go bak to d egyption era.. a special egyption feline tests women and wen she dies.. shez reborn as catwoman..

Often misunderstood by common man.. half cat.. half woman.. shez got catlike grace, a knack fer landing on her feet, a passion for sushi,a loathin fer dogs.. and more dan nethin else.. shez a woman..!! yaay.. :D

Tis movie showed grl power all d way.. she proves to d world dat she doznt need a man in her life to complete her.. in d last scene of d flick.. her boyfrnd reads a letter frm her dat said “u’re a good man Tom.. but I will neva fit into yer world.. my journery begins.. now”

Watchin d flick.. I wished I had half d attitude, half d confidence and half her ability to kick men on d nuts..

Henceforth.. a meow frm a cat cud b a call.. a call to say im d chosen one.. sigh.. I wish.. :/