Tuesday, November 12, 2013

AJ.. My bestie for over a million years

Ajay, Aj, Devil – many names, one man. Aj has been my bestie before the word “bestie” was invented in the English dictionary of Yo words. He never forgets my birthday and is always the first to wish me every year. He is full of mad ideas, but mind you he sees those ideas right upto its conception. He is NOT all talk. 

Long ago when all I could think about was food and how much more of it i could consume, (without getting kicked out of restaurants), Aj came up with a plan. “One day, I’m going to start a restaurant just for you Fatty” he said and here we are in the year 2013 all grown up and Aj has not one but TWO restaurants! And he has promised me food “on the house” from both his restaurants. Now if this isn't true friendship, what is?

Yesterday afternoon Aj and I had a long discussion about marriage. I voiced my concerns on the topic and he as usual calmed me down with his signature brand of whacky theories and convinced me that marriage is the best thing for me.

Aj and I don’t have a single photograph together, because all the pictures we have together is of him staring at me eat. Early this year I went to Hyderabad with my folks and didn’t inform Aj. He found out of course and before I knew it, he was saying “Hello” to my parents and whacking me on the head for not being in touch.

Aj, you’re a gem! I’m sorry I forgot your birthday.. again! I know you've already forgiven me, like every single year.

See you soon?