Friday, April 27, 2007

Only the Sparten women give birth to REAL men..

Under the command of King Leonidas, 300 brave soldiers fought against an army of a zillion for their country-Greece.

Everything about this movie is inspiritational, an absolute visual treat and definetelty one of the BEST war movies i have seen to date. Right from the war crys, to the witty one liners used in the most intense of scenes, to the costumes worn by the armies, is brilliant..!! 300 just gave war movies a complete make-over and made all the other war movies made to date, look like thrash..

The plot of the movie, is simple. The Persians want to take over Greece, and as per the rules of Greece a war cannot happen, because the elders are against it.

But Leonidas, is not ready to see his country burning and to see the women and children of his kingdom, become slaves to Persians. So they march forward and annihilate men, beasts, animals and immortals who cross their path. They die in the process, but every little bit of blood spilt, does not go to waste.

Greece wakes up and 10,000 soldiers go to war to avenge the death of their King and his 300. As the legend goes, Spartans are the descendants of Hercules himself and they sure did live upto that legend, by standing tall to a rain of zillion arrows thrown their way.

Hail King Leonidas and hail his 300..! *bows down in respect*

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bus number 5E..

To REALLY get to know a city in and out, you have to travel on one of the PTC buses. The ultimate mode of transportation, for the common man/woman.

The bus on which i will have to travel back and forth till the 16th of May, is 5E.. It goes all way from the Gandhi Mandapam bus stop till the vadapalani bus depot, its a painful one hour ride. Now Vadapalani, is a forgotten part of the city. Every 10 steps on the Vadapalani roads will make u want to hurl. Dirt everywhere, strange odours, oggling men (despite the fact that you're wearing the most horrendeous kurta you own) and to add to it all.. the intense Madras heat. Hell, is right HERE on earth ladies and gentlemen.

A new world has opened up to me.. I have become a hard core PTC bus traveller. And my landmarks to ensure that the bus is on the right track are.. some baby donkeys on the way, a barking rabid dog, a picture of Amma in red with the 2 leaf symbol under her picture which makes her look like a rose.. (Go figure) and a Subhiksha store..

And as for my fellow travellers and people on the roads, the following junta caught my eye.. A bunch of really cute looking beggar boys buying tickets from the conductor and one boy meticulously stuffing four 10 rupee notes into his pocket, a school kid standing next to me with a bag 5 times bigger than her, the fat oiled hair smelly woman leaning against me like i was her pillar, a cute big headed bald baby with big eyes lying next to his mom on a bench and kicking his legs and arms in the air and gurgling with joy every 5 seconds after seeing a bus whiz by..

PTC buses.. something all of us mall going, coffee drinking, movie addicts MUST try at least ONCE in our life. Our day to day problems would begin to diminish and fade away and we'd suddenly realize that our lives are painfree and very shallow at times.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Worldspace password renewal..

All worldspace subscribers are subject to a password renewal which happens midway through the month.. They send a letter with a zillion digit code which we have to punch in and only then can we listen to the darn device.. It gets locked, the music stops.. and mom goes beserk.. It’s a vicious cycle.

Last month found me standing in front of mom’s grey box.. with a remote in hand, punching in the finger numbing code.. She made me do this 6 times and all 6 times REJECTED flashed on screen.

This month again the darn letter popped in the mail and mom got even more hysterical because the instructions had’nt been sent along. So I gave her strict orders to take deep breaths and meditate whilst I went to the worldspace website and penned down the instructions.

And this time she wanted to take matters in her own podgy fingers.. And I was glad.. I read out the numbers, she punched them in and voila (miracle of miracles.. there is a God after all) ACCEPTED flashed on screen.

She looked at me with a huge grin on her face, gave me a Hi-5 and said.. “Gayu and mommie make a deadly combination” She continued grinning like a 5 year old for couple of seconds more and then waddled back to her worldspace.

Moral of the story : Grown ups are not really grown ups at the end of the day.. They’re just a bunch of eager enthusiastic lollipop sucking kids with a lot of responsibility on their shoulders.

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Momminess kicked in 7 years too early..

At some point in a woman’s life, she starts to think about her unborn child. And I have reached that point in my life.. apparently.. gulp

From kid-hater, I have progressed on to kid-lover.. There’s something about this kid.. The minute she sees me, her eyes light up and she runs towards me like I’m a precious gem. It’s absolutely adorable.. I feel so loved..

She goo goo gaa gaa’s with me, calls me akka in loud screechy tones every 5 seconds and she gives me hugs of death.. By hugs of death I mean she’s very aggressive.. She pinches me first and then kisses me, she grabs fistfuls of my tresses and then hugs me.. And so on and so forth..

Now in the past, if a kid did the above I would’ve whacked the little monster and run a mile.. But now things have changed.. I have changed..