Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Better Half..

My 20 years of waiting has not been in vain..
For i've finally caught hold of your hand..

I was a child lost in a crowd searching for her guardian angel..
And now i'm lost no more..

My joy has no bounds..
And there is this aching to be with you every second of my life..

My little chef, my little rockstar, my little baby boy..
Ive never been so much in love before..

I was a wounded soldier and my life was dull and grey..
You have joined the broken pieces of my heart and made me see colours again..

And now in return, I give you my life.. I give you my soul..

My better half.. I'd be nothing without you my love..


manu said...

if u really did find ur "the one" happy for you :)

Zii said...

what lurrve!

Arvind said...

i hope so u hav faint memories of chattin wit me long time bak,ne way congratulations 4 the find of u r life "love" - It REALLY is beautiful but be ready for the bad times too i wish u get hold of each other permanently passing thru all da phases of love ....


Alok said...

Were you speaking about your own self?