Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Holiday..

The Holiday is for people who are going through a mid life, relationship crisis. This movie covers every nook and cranny about the highs and lows, of being in love. Clingy ex-boyfriends who take you for a ride and you get carried away because you're still in love with the idiot. Girlfriends who claim to be head over heels in love with you, but the minute you turn your back on her, she finds comfort in the arms of another man.

The movie centers around the lives of two women. Kate Winslet - the smart, pretty, kind, generous girl who is blindly in love with her stupid ex, who takes full advantage of her vulnerability and uses her as a nice and proper doormat. Cameron Diaz - a successful career woman, who owns a movie trailor making company. She is at the top of her game - sophisticated, rich, sassy. Her life couldn't get more perfect, except for the fact that her live in boyfriend slept with another woman.

The two women decide to take a break, from their messed up lives and decide to swap houses for 2 weeks. Diaz goes to Winslet's quaint little cottage and finds love in Winslet's brother, Jude Law. Winslet goes to Diaz's mini mansion of a house and makes friends quickly (she is portrayed as the English version of Munnabhai - she spreads cheer wherever she goes) and she finds love in Diaz's ex boyfriends' business partner.

Obviously, all ends well. I will say no more, because this movie deserves at least one watch. It's the perfect end to a perfect Saturday of binging at a buffet lunch and spending some quality time with the folks. *Burp* excuse me. =D


Sam said...

Girl, I love the way u write the reviews.. makes me wanna watch the movie.. lets see..

Mustang said...

Ah, what a interesting ! should find time to catch up with this one !


--xh-- said...

nice review.. but not my kind of movie.. am sure i can sit and watch this movie... (not only this, most of the movies have that effect on me - tahzt why i stay away from movie halls)

acid_ice said...

hmm.. I'd recommend "Closer" or "Magnolia" for your next saturday afternoon..

Ferrin B said...

hey! i've seen this movie! it was pretty good, not bad..
good review.....