Sunday, July 06, 2008

Dynasty - Speciality Chinese Restaurant

Dynasty is probably one of the most underrated eat-outs in the city. Nobody has heard of it. The Wangs and Mainland Chinas of the world are recognized more. And nobody ever eats in Dynasty. Whenever i walk inside, the place is almost empty. So, this post is to boost up the sales of one of my personal favorite eat outs in the city - Dynasty!.

To start off with, note down the address :

Old No 10,
New No. 57
Greenways Road (inside Music College Arch Lane)
RA Puram
Chennai - 28
Home Delivery numbers : 43060000/43060003

Right, now with the nittigrities out of the way, lets get straight down to business - the food! If you are a self respecting foodian, the first thing that you would do when you enter a Chinese eat out, is order their Chicken Lollipop. And if you don't know what that is, then read no further, this post is not for you. I strongly believe that you can judge the quality of a Chinese eat out, by just eating their Chicken Lollipop. Dynasty's Chicken lollipop will take you on a higher plane of bliss. It's definitely the next best thing to sex and chocolates.

If you're a nibbler, a spoilsport, an anti-food person, then order their Chicken Man chow soup. A delicious concoction of shredded chicken, chillies, fried noodles and mixed vegetables. By now, you'd be geared for more food. Your tummy would expand a little with anticipation, however strict you are with your diet. You'd find yourself praying to the Lord; "Forgive me, for this one night of sin. I shall workout tomorrow like a maniac."

Next on the list is Kway Teow or in non Greek, normal human being language - Flat noodles, with mixed meat consisting of pork, chicken, beef, prawn and crab. The perfect side dish to go with Kway Teow is Shredded Beef dipped in soya sauce, ginger and onion.

If your keyboard is not already overflowing with drool, then my friend, you have issues! Stop reading, start gorging. Bonappetit!


The Pseudonym said...

Dynasty is really good. Awesome food.Though not a meat eater I love their wontons...Have you heard of SHANSI they serve the worst chinese in the city. They should actually close it down.

Shankar Mudaliar said...

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The S A I said...

A post after so long :) .. How wuz the Gyelf trip madam? .. Can't comment on this post as there ain't nothing Vegetarian mentioned.. I'm next for the bare-all pose for PETA :D

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Thats a nice one.Passing that way everyday ,for past several years,to my factory in Thiruvanmiyur,how come I missed it too I wonder..Will try it out with my foodie kids soon

Capt. Jack Sparrow said...

Greedy greedy greedy... tsk tsk!!! LOL

Mustang said...

nice. sounds interesting.. should head over sometime... though yes, wangs and off late mainland china has been getting a lot of attention.


i am god said...

firstly , a true foodie will never give so much hype about a place which serve indianised chinese food ! secondly , he/she would defnitely not order lollies ! its not even chinese , woman ! mainland china is gettin all its attention only cos it is as authentic an indian chinese restaurant can get. tho i have nothing against dynasty or nothing for mainland china , i had to comment on ur post only for ur lack of knowledge on food. i love your language and style of writing, jus stick to what you truly know ! next time try their crab and dragon chicken. plus the place is not empty, u cant get a seat w/o reservations on a weekend !

Sam said...

U gotta pay for my keyboard babes... ur post ruined it bad!

JollyRoger said...

Ha ha ha! I guess this was what u meant by making a career out of writing.