Thursday, August 07, 2008

My Hot Hairdresser Boy - Part 3

This post is a sad anti-climax to my trilogy. Please refer blog archive for Parts 1 and 2.

I walked into the parlor with an air of hope, confidence and a tingle of excitement. I couldn't wait to see my hot hairdresser boy again and drool over him. Sadly, fate had something else in store for me this morning.

Mum and I walked into the parlor dot at 11.30 am. My eyes wasted no time. It immediately scanned the entire parlor for traces of my boy. Disappointed, i plastered on a fake cheery grin and enquired about him to one of the parlor helpers.

Helper : Sanjay is not here
Me : (wishing the earth would split in two and swallow me in) Oh.
Helper : He has gone to Bombay for a training
Me : Aaah! ='(

My whole world crashed before my eyes at that point. I couldn't think straight, I had to sit down, I knew I'd faint if i didn't. Looking at my pale face, the helper rushed inside and got me a glass of water.

Me : When will he come back?
Helper : I'm not sure
Me : Oohhh. Alright.

The rest of the day was a blur. I honestly didn't care about my hair anymore. The cute chubby aunty who owned the parlor chopped my tresses and two helpers blow dried it and gave it a nice bouncy curly look.

I insisted that i wanted the exact same hair-do my hair savior had given me. The wonders he did with my hair in ten minutes flat, could not be re-done with three women combined. They took 45 minutes to chop and set my hair in place.

At the end of it all, I do look exactly like how my boy saw me 4 months ago. But, the experience was sad and hollow without him. There is a definite void in my soul, now that he has left the parlor.

*sniffs loudly into a tissue and bites into a large bar of chocolate*


--xh-- said...

hm. a tragic ending.. may be he will come back after getting trained.. ;)

(whr will i get to meet a hot hair dresser gal like u met ur guy? :) )

lemonade said...

aww, i sympathize..but atleast your hair is still the same :)

Sara Sekhar said...

hmmm sad to hear though... i had a crush on a bearer (a student trainee). were i used to make a regular visit at this restaurant near MOP(my favs hotel all the time),well the stupid part is that i was really embarassed to even look at him,.... before i got the guts to do that he went puff!!!!

* signs* where ever he is "god bless him"

*signs* again

Karthik said...

Would a bag of Lays help?

Chriz said...

mmm.. the hair dresser stories are back again.. me back to your blog after a while.. good one gaya3

Sam said...

Awwwwwwwww! Achochoooo!! come down to Mumbai.. I'll help u hunt him down...

Aneesh said...

Is it a fantasy or an autobiography? :)

DT said...

ayoo..too much.. pavam...

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Thats life,but dont give up may get over soon

Mahi said...

awwww....thts too bad! i can totally understand.
i once had a crush on this salesman in one of our nearby shops n i used to regularly visit tht shop jus to get a glimpse...some crazy girl i was...but then we had to shift our house around tht time n i was heart broken...recently i visited tht shop n i thot i cud see him again...but sadly, he was nowhere to be seen:(

PS That's a pretty pic!

PPS Want another tissue?

Ekta said...

awwww...i can imagine the dissapointment...i mean how many times do u see a 'hot hairdresser!":-))
well dont sure he'll come back soon!

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Awwww....*hugs*, cheer up! Btw, looking v v nice!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Still sulking !!

Harry said...

Nice pic! ;)

CM-Chap said...

Huh..Bad.. Anyways nice of urs... Im starring at it & I know u like staring :-)

arvind1187 said...

Ah ..
thats bad.. I could understand how it feels :D

by the way nice pic girl :D

John Doe said...

anticlimaxes :) i'm quiote familiar with the term.. trust me theres light at the end