Friday, November 07, 2008


There is something very divine about a samosa. Words are too little to express how I feel when the taste of the aloo and the fried covering play around the insides of my mouth. I've had a fascination for this heavenly triangle for a very long time.

Most mornings i skip breakfast, partly because I don't get any at the PG I stay in and partly because I'm in a rush to get to work before the trains and the buses get too crowded. Traveling in Mumbai is something that you get used to only after a very loooooooong time.

I'm used to the grind now of pushing and pulling around with the fat aunties on the train to get that wee bit of space to breathe and jumping into the bus as fast as my legs allow me to.

This morning I left home earlier than usual and reached Dadar station at 9.20am, I had time to kill. So I took a slow walk down the crowded streets of Dadar, watching the shopkeepers dusting out their wares and opening shop for the day. Each morning I pass rows and rows of eat outs and I see food in abundance. The smells wafting out of each make my tummy cringe with hunger. And this morning I decided to answer the call of my tummy. I saw a huge basket of samosas being carried by 2 men, I walked right behind them, watching the samosas with lustful eyes.

They walked into a small street shop and placed the basket inside. The shop had a small counter selling samosas, dhoklas, pav bhaji and many more knick knacks. People were crowded around the shop like bees to a honey comb. I joined the crowd and asked for one samosa.

The man behind the counter, took out a samosa from the counter, wrapped it in a newspaper along with some spicy green chilly chutney and gave it to me. (his actions were at the speed of light, before I knew what was happening the whole bundle was in my hand) I smiled at him, payed him the amount I owed him and settled down on a steel bench with my samosa.

I could taste the freshness of the aloo stuffed inside the samosa, it was still piping hot from all the frying. The spicy chutney dipping added on to my mouth-orgasm. I was in a world of my own now - nothing seemed to matter except me and my samosa.

After I was done eating, I looked at the empty sheet of paper with sadness and made a promise to myself that every alternate morning, I would sin. Calories can just go to hell for all I care.


Shalini Gowrisankar said...

mmmm.. that was a yummy post :)

JollyRoger said...

Hey Gayatri, my doc said, indulge if you must, if you will work it off!

Had the same dilemma when late last night I just decided I must eat tandoori chicken and pulled D along at 11 to indulge and I had fun!

Sam said...

oh no! no no!! we dont get used to the travel! every morning i swear at all the aunties.. and im born n brought up in this hellhole..

Chriz said...

the same paper can be used to oil your hair men..

Meghna said...

hehe cute one Gayatri. I am having a craving for samosas now. Will try to have it in the evening!! slurrpppppp

Trinity said...

i ve always been a samosa fan
and last two days i been successful to get fresh samosa's as described by you.... steaming hot


Gr8est said...

i sooo wish the taste-as-you-read technology could be implemented real fast ..

Gr8est said...

i sooo wish the taste-as-you-read technology could be implemented real fast ..

Ekta said...

now look what uv done..uv made me yearn for a samosa as well!!
and well its not that easy to get samosa for those not staying in india!
but know gonna try nevertheless...mission samosa hunt starts!

The Pseudonym said...

Oh Samosas, WOW!!! Awesome food. Am a Hardcore Snacker so I give a damn about what anyone has to say. Samosas simply too good. Especially the ones my MOm Makes

usha said...

ah, the samosas!
i remember taking an afternoon nap during a study leave in my college hostel days, n waking up to tell my roomies how i dreamt of a samosa twirling around on one of its corners in 3D. :D

Mustang said...

food is divine !! anytime, anywhere !!

im glad you found your share of nirvana :P


Fishy said...

Bliss thy name Samosa...Drooling..!!!

!! Oxymoron !! said...

Slurp...woman, this post had me dribbling!! Well written!