Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Anjaana Anjaani

It's the morning after and I still can't stop smiling over the movie. Ranbir Kapoor, looked H-O-T and I wished for him to be mine. There were a few minutes of him shirtless, which made my blood boil and my eyes pop. Move over Hollywood actors and all the other so called "yummy" Bollywood hunks - RK kicks all your asses! That chiseled body, those pink lips, that height, those soul searching eyes.. what more could a woman want in a man?

From the start to the finish, he was a real pleasure to watch, the plot was cute, funny, moving and fairly realistic. I could empathize with Priyanka's heartbroken character, over a cheating boyfriend. We've all been through that at some point. So when she and RK kiss for just one scene in the movie and she wakes up the next morning and tells him, that she feels she has cheated over her ex, I could understand. Men can really be jerks at times and the healing process takes forever.

RK played the adorable "sacrificing his love, for her happiness" bit, perfectly. I loved the last few minutes of the movie, when he proposes to her, in that unorthodox and really endearing fashion, it made me sigh internally and I made a silent prayer to God, wishing for something similar to happen to me as well.

RK + PC = eye candy for both sexes, do you really need any other reason to watch this movie? Go, go and GO!


munchkin said...

I heard both of them are retards in this movie. Ur the only person giving positive reviews. :P

and abt RK I still think he is gay and he squints! :D

On the contrary ur writing is eye candy!! :D

Alameen said...

heard a joke that robot car park collection was more than anjaani 1 week gross collection..

will watch the movie once it is in the tv..

Prateek Sur said...

the movie is good..but the basic concept is flawed..the most easiest way of committing suicide is to take an empty syringe and pump air into ur arteries..the person dies within seconds..!!
nd yeah not only boys r always jerks..i do accept that the ratio in guys is a bit more but still gals do break ur heart nd there is no repair..
try checking out my blog and commenting on the following u so i hope someday u too will return the favour..

Taare Zameen Par said...

very nice movie ...i like very much...