Monday, September 30, 2013

Vivaan the Extraordinary

You light up our lives with your toothless grin,

Your head of curls look like an upside down bin,

You pitter-patter endlessly in mad circles like you’ve had a whole bottle of gin,

Your “ammumuu” cries make all your grandmothers happier than they have ever been,

Your love for Bollywood songs we have got akin,

Inside all our hearts you are in,

Your love for your cool aunt and grandfather is a big win,

We all wish you had a Siamese twin,

So that we could pull your cottony cheek skin,

Can’t wait for you to grow up so that I can hand you a violin,

I’m sure you will make us all proud with your creative spin. 

1 comment:

Sowmia said...

Hahaha! Good one! Perfect ode to Lil V....m sure his aunt wil be appreciated all the more when he is old enuff to unstd it!