Friday, July 08, 2016

The nightmarish Mumbai monsoons

It's raining cats and dogs in Mumbai. As always, the whole city has gone kaput. Trains are getting diverted, the roads are traffucked more than usual and everyone is catching a bad, never ending viral infection. I was tucked deep inside the darkest corners of my blanket and pillows for over a week. Finally back to work and my throat is still going kitch kitch. 

I wonder why folks romanticize the rains so much on social media platforms. The first drops of the rain and people take walks in the rain and begin instagramming foggy car windows. Why?! The rains cause nothing but trouble.

Here's what happens to normal people like me who travel for over 4 hours to work everyday :

  • Cars splash water all over pedestrians and don't give a damn
  • When trains pull up on stations it brings with it a mighty splash of dirty rain water that sprays all over people standing on platforms
  • Toilets in offices stink more than usual
  • Roads get more potholes 
  • Share auto-wallahs begin to charge double the fare
If you still love the rains, you're clearly in some dream world. Snap out of it! And pray that this wretched season passes by quickly. 

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