Sunday, April 23, 2006

U Can Loose What u Neva Had..

My acquaintance wid him wuz brief.. 5 days to b exact..

In dat very short span o time.. we explored many emotions.. I gave it my all..

I let him see the little girl inside..

Time flew by so quick wen we rambled on and on about nothing in particular..

Finally.. we decided to throw away our virtual masks and meet in flesh..

I wuz excited.. I probably didn’t get tis excited even wen I got material possessions..

“D” day went well.. or so I think..

D msgs and calls abruptly stop.. I battle out in my head wot cud’ve gone wrong..

I blamed myself fer tis sudden change of events..

At times thr wuz a strange feeling of numbness and @ times thr wuz a deep sorrow dat cut thru my soul..

5 days..! Dats all it took..

Those stolen moments we shared stayed etched on to my memories..

I realized dat I wuz’nt strong enuf.. life gave me a little toss and I wuz flat on my face..

I hv to stand bak up on my feet again and let bygones be bygones..

D clich├ęd line.. “everythin happens fer a reason” is my mantra to stay focused and calm..


Vivek said...

"we decided to throw away our virtual masks and meet in flesh.."
did sth lyk tat some months ago n yt 2 recover 4rm wat happ tat,for a second,appeared perfect!alas!!

Arun Das said...

I like your atti babe. Now you know what sorta guy to avoid. He was so superficial. And I agree with your mantra 'everything happens for a reason' but that doesn't make the hurt any less.

Russel said...

Russ: @#^@#&%#@ bastard no way 2treat a gurl #@^@#@

Mythreyee said...

hmmm.... i can so relate 2 ne post u make, gayatri.. its weird! :) as v gals always say "guys r assholes".. n 2 dis da guys wud say "gals r bitches", but v kno da truth, dun v? :P

Dante said...

nice one gayatri....guys are dumb, i'll admit....point is, maybe he had issues to deal with too....all the best to you has this nice knack of pushing you down when u think you're there, and pulling u up when u think ur down n out

vinay said...

no comments from me...coz i dont know if im that "morally good"...anyways..badz wat happnd........and just chill..

Yasser Rahman said...

It happens to everyone..Makes me think, how many people ive associated with like that..I give them a true picture of my self, and they are very resonsive..they seem to understand..but all of a IM convo's...Its a mad world out there..

But the the right one is always around ;)

Anonymous said...

things like this wont happen to good looking people..and we know shes not one of them !! so there you go..dont dare to meet anyone in "flesh"