Thursday, June 22, 2006

My Givson..

I started playing chords.. FINALLY..! :D

I feel very mature and grown up now.. All my guitar lessons to date seem to fade out in comparison to the class I had last week..

The feeling of holding the polished instrument.. Holding 2-3 strings at the same time.. Playin chords and bar chords.. Strummin away with my strummer on the other hand.. Oh the pain.. Oh the joy..!

I’m making music..!!

One chord fades out to another and another and another..

I feel invincible.. My guitar and I make a great team.. :p


Yasser Rahman said...

And it did sound sweet when you were playing..i thought you were a pro until you told me that its only been 4 months! LOL

Mythreyee said...

hehe.. gr8 goin girl! u able to play barre chords well? i used to suck at em.. even after hrs n hrs after practisin, i wudnt b able to produce a sound wich dusnt include a sickenin dull reverberation meanin i screwed some string! i used to love da fact that i hav loooooooong fingers.. those were actually my downfall, wen it came to barre chords.. da joints wud keep bendin, not lettin me barre the fret.. sigh.. :(

Mythreyee said...

btw, u really need 2 start blogrollin ppl!

Harish said...

me tried...couldnt get all my hands on it.
Ahhhh...i envy you :-(

Yasser Rahman said...

exacty what i was thiking! Start linking people up doll!