Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mmmm.. :)

Yesterday was a pretty ordinary day in my life.. Woke up,went about doing the mundane activities of the day,saw movies as usual..

I saw this one movie called "Undiscovered".. the life of a model who's going around with a musician.. But the guy's a jerk, keeps cheating on her and all that jazz, so she leaves and decides to pursue acting as a career in another state.. And now in that state she bumps into this incredibily down to earth, singing at an eat-out every night musician..

And eventually of course they hook up.. The reason i saw this movie was because i saw my own life unfolding out.. Except for the fact that i'm not a model and i still hv'nt bumped into an "incredibly down to earth blah blah musician" every other detail fits right into place..

Right after i saw this movie.. I got online.. I was really bored.. And when im really reaalllly bored.. I get into the "Chennai Global Chat rooms" just to have a good laugh, because the people in there are absolutely hilarious.. U hv to see it to believe it..

As soon as i stepped in.. I heard music.. good music for a change.. Guitar strumming and amazing sexy deep vocals for metal songs..!!
So i stuck around.. I commented on the mains every now and then.. Requested for songs.. Went on for about 20 minutes or so till the crowd started fighting for the mike.. And so the musician dude had to step down..

About 10 minutes later i was invited for a voice conferance with the musician dude, and 2 other people..

So the virtual 1 man army gig continued.. :) I sang along, cheered like mad, requested for songs..

But at some point of the conferencing the other 2 people slipped out.. So it was just me and him.. And we got talkin..

And we ended up talking all night long.. :p I was glued on to my system till 6.30 am today..

Sigh.. :) I have'nt felt this content in ages..

If he was'nt in the UAE i wud've definetely met up with him today.. :)


Vinod Chandran said...

Dont we all wait for the incredible one!!!
Dont worry, just waiting to be discovered :-)

manu said...

A rather sweet story...i dont mean to say its a fictional story okay....almost the same thing has happnd wit i guess i know how badly u wanted to see dat person :)...

i am happy said...

hehe.. wots this chat room abt.. how do we access it?