Friday, November 03, 2006

Yet Another Ode To My Love

You inspire me to work hard & make a name for myself in this world..
And i promise i will not let u down..

I have immense respect for u..
And i place you in the highest position of my heart.. Where you rightfully belong..

Your maturity leaves me awestruck..
Many a time you have played the role of my guide,my advisor and my best friend..
You're trying your very best to lead me through the right path of life.. And i shall gladly follow..

You have turned my world upside down..
Life as i had known it to be ceazes to exist..

The shallow side of my personality is fading away little by little..
All thanks to you..

Each second of my life that i spend with you im falling more and more in love with you..

And i love this feeling..
This feeling of being your woman.. Till my very last breath..


The Individualist said...

'Good' for you-

rajiv said...

Nice One :)

Anonymous said...

very nice yaar

junkunlimited said...


great to know that u've found someone who makes u feel like a woman!!

cupid has cast his magic on u,eh??

Yasser Rahman said...

ooooo , nice! :D