Friday, November 17, 2006

The life of the ladybird..

So when i was little i had this habit of catching random ladybirds and putting them in a matchbox..

I loved the tiny red bug with the black dots.. I loved watching them run around in my matchbox.. but every now and then it would poop.. a golden-yellowey dot poop..

Now why am i going on and on about a ladybird you wonder..

Well.. I am the ladybird now.. We've swapped places apparently.. Now i'm the one who is running around peeing in my pants and the big box is college..

They say "What goes around comes around".. so so true..

The torturer has become the torturee.. Forgive me my ladybird friend..


Yasser Rahman said...

I hope you none of this is supposed to be understood literally!

Mythreyee said...

heh bet it aint a "dot poop" now, eh? :D :D heh atleast u wer that brave as a kid man! if there was ever a teeeny weeeeeny bug, let alone a roach in my house, i wud run about flailing my arms and screamin my lungs out and go bang into a piece of furniture and howl some more and hobble to the sofa and hide behind it, only to find a bigger beetle waitin there for me! :D :D

L.A.tentIntent said...

I love your analogy thing.

Martian said...

gee.. coll sounds like lotsa fun :(