Monday, April 02, 2007

The Momminess kicked in 7 years too early..

At some point in a woman’s life, she starts to think about her unborn child. And I have reached that point in my life.. apparently.. gulp

From kid-hater, I have progressed on to kid-lover.. There’s something about this kid.. The minute she sees me, her eyes light up and she runs towards me like I’m a precious gem. It’s absolutely adorable.. I feel so loved..

She goo goo gaa gaa’s with me, calls me akka in loud screechy tones every 5 seconds and she gives me hugs of death.. By hugs of death I mean she’s very aggressive.. She pinches me first and then kisses me, she grabs fistfuls of my tresses and then hugs me.. And so on and so forth..

Now in the past, if a kid did the above I would’ve whacked the little monster and run a mile.. But now things have changed.. I have changed..


Anonymous said...

congrats! ur alraedy on ur way to becoming a successful mommy :D

nyscha said...

is this the kid we saw outside ur place that day?the one u konjified and didn know the name of?:-P

munchkin said...

he he :P
nice to knoe u have changed for good :)
and abt gossipin it shouldnt become part and parcel of ur life it will become dangerous
to tell the truth i never used to talk this way before...
i was a complete tom boy and now transfering to an irritating pig:P