Saturday, April 07, 2007

Worldspace password renewal..

All worldspace subscribers are subject to a password renewal which happens midway through the month.. They send a letter with a zillion digit code which we have to punch in and only then can we listen to the darn device.. It gets locked, the music stops.. and mom goes beserk.. It’s a vicious cycle.

Last month found me standing in front of mom’s grey box.. with a remote in hand, punching in the finger numbing code.. She made me do this 6 times and all 6 times REJECTED flashed on screen.

This month again the darn letter popped in the mail and mom got even more hysterical because the instructions had’nt been sent along. So I gave her strict orders to take deep breaths and meditate whilst I went to the worldspace website and penned down the instructions.

And this time she wanted to take matters in her own podgy fingers.. And I was glad.. I read out the numbers, she punched them in and voila (miracle of miracles.. there is a God after all) ACCEPTED flashed on screen.

She looked at me with a huge grin on her face, gave me a Hi-5 and said.. “Gayu and mommie make a deadly combination” She continued grinning like a 5 year old for couple of seconds more and then waddled back to her worldspace.

Moral of the story : Grown ups are not really grown ups at the end of the day.. They’re just a bunch of eager enthusiastic lollipop sucking kids with a lot of responsibility on their shoulders.


Sido said...

Whoa.. sumbody s growin up :D

P.S. wat r super-heros den ?? kids wid a weird sense of fashion ?? :D

munchkin said...

i getting a world space too:)
will keep this in mind :)
how is it by the way apart from this tiring password :P

Sandee said...

u cud try a 6 month subscription though.. cud save u some trouble..