Monday, May 07, 2007

My Doctor lady..

The old - the young, the rich - the poor, the posh fancy car riders - the Enfield bad boy riders.. They all have one thing in common.. DISEASES.

I caught my usual cough - cold - i think i'm going to hurl last night's dinner syndrome. I tried age old remedies suggested by mom.. I gulped 6 glasses of steaming hot milk with tumeric powder and i also inhaled hot water with cabbage leaves with a blanket over my head. But the cough-cold monster did'nt seem to budge. I could almost hear them saying, try a little harder sucker.. *evil grin*

Waking up with a brick like feeling in my chest and a toad like voice today morning, was the last straw. I croacked.. "Mommmmiiieeee, I want to go to my doctor lady. *sniff*

My doctor lady, is an adorable really fair, rolly polly thing, with a HUGE friendly grin. She talks nonstop, UNTIL you remind her that she has other patients, waiting in line for her services. Her consultation hours officially begin from 10am to 12 pm. So i kept reminding mom to get ready FAST so that we would'nt have to be waiting for a whole hour and a half before she could see me.

We reached DOT at 9.55 am. There was boy and an old man already seated on the plastic chairs . Mom and me took our seats as well and all 4 of us sat in mute silence, in a half trance - half meditating state. The old man looked at me questiongly with a "You're an able bodied more than healthy looking young woman, you should'nt even be here".. In return i coughed and sniffed. He seemed satisfied with my answer and looked away.

The only sounds that could be heard, apart from occassional coughs and sniffs were the sounds of cars and birds outside. So the sound of an Enfield roaring startled us a little, we all turned around to the source of the roar and in comes a smart looking thatta,with 3 lines on his forehead and a Kumudham magazine in hand.

The lights in doctor lady's clinic, were still not on. It was dark as night. We continued sitting in our trance like positions. A posh looking big car pulled up a little while later, and a very cute looking thatta-paati couple jumped out. Then an autorickshaw pulled up, with a smart mother-daugther duo in jeans and pajama.

The boy smiled into space, i turned around to follow his line of vision and saw Doctor lady rolling in. The lights were FINALLY on.. Hallelujah!!

Mom and i waited patiently for our turn to come, and finally we walked into her cool a/c clinic filled with her cute gizmos. She smiled and said, "But its not the wheezing season yet." Then she made me lie down on her little bed thing, asked me to breathe in, breathe out, do 'aaaa', the usual jazz. Then she asked me for my name (a ritual she's been doing for the past 8 years) and wrote down the names of the tablets, whilst talking non-stop about nothing in particular.

Moral of the Story : More than the tablets and the medication prescribed, it's the doctor lady who makes the difference. Just catching a glimpse of her round self, and listening to her ramble on, makes a person feel fit. Doctors really are miracle workers, the modern-day knights in shining armours. I salute the profession.

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