Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The plane ride from hell..

First up, i'm shit scared of heights, be it on the giant wheel, the roller coaster, the ranger, you name it, i'm scared of them all. I'm the loudest to scream and the first to hurl in any of these rides. So, for someone like me to board a plane and stick my head like a dog, on that little window thing and look at the view below, is QUITE nerve-racking.

This was not my first plane ride, i've been there done that. What i really REALLY look forward to, in any flight, is the food, its all in miniature. Yummy food in blow up your nose portions, a great Indian sweet thrown in and tea or coffee, is the standard menu for an economy class air ticket.

I boarded flight IC-932 at 6.40 pm, sweated my pores out like a pig for the next 15 minutes and when it took off the runway my face was plastered on the window, and i kept looking down at the view till i could see no more of it. The next 25 minutes were agonizing because the hot steward men still had'nt served the food and i kept digging mom on the arm, whispering loudly in her ear, "where's the freaking food?"

An announcement of turbulence and bad weather later, food was FINALLY served. I was midway through my meal when the plane started jerking a little and i thought to myself, "oh yippie, i'm finally home, the plane must have landed." Instead, the captain announced his apologies and requested the cabin crew to take their places immediately. The sandwich i was eating was stuck in my throat, my tummy was brewing up a mini-cyclone and i whispered hoarsely to myself, "i'm going to die on a freaking plane OR be stuck on an island like those men and women from the TV series Lost"

But i was quickly distracted from thoughts of death by the yummy Rasagolla and 15 minutes later we were in Chennai. The first thing i did as soon as i climbed down the steps of the plane was, to touch the ground with my fingers and feel solid earth once again.


daman said...

lolz.. nice description..

JollyRoger said...

Fly Deccan before the Mallya makeover. U got to buy the food and its your good fortune if what u have bought is indeed fresh!