Saturday, July 21, 2007


Metal was life, until i met him, I was always anti-bhajans, anti-old Tamil songs, and anti Enrique's girly vocals.. For the life of me, i couldn't understand how a man could strum Opeth one minute and the next minute switch to an old Tamil song, which i would have some vague recollection of.

He was not perfect. He had the temper of a rabid dog. When he got pissed, God help me, and God help the people around him.

He had the maturity of a 50 year old woman. His words of wisdom, were priceless. They still linger in my head when things go screwy.

I have a lousy memory when it comes to dates. But, here are some dates i can never forget.. 29th September 2006, the day we met and spoke all night. December 25th, the last message i read from him. He sounded unhappy and worried.

We fought like animals. We'd say the meanest of things to each other, hurt each other to the T and in less than 2 hours we'd patch up.

To say I cant live without him, would be absurd, because i lived 19 years quite happily without knowing of his existence. And I'm quite sure i can live the rest of my life, quite peacefully, without him in it. But, life just doesn't seem right without him around. I don't like waking up at 3am, and sobbing into my pillow on random nights.

I remember distinctly, one of our BIG fights, i told him.. "Just stay away from me.. Don't talk to me till your stupid exams are done with" And i logged out of yahoo without saying bye. In less than 15 minutes i called him, i got his voice inbox. I didn't hear from him until his exams were done with. After 3 days, of cold war, we logged onto yahoo messenger, apologised for 1 hour to each other. After which i called him, and he strummed a cheesy Enrique song for me.

Him : Would u dance, if i asked u to dance?
Me : No
Him : Would you cry if you saw me crying
Me : No
Him : Would you tremble if I touched your lips
Me : No no and NO..!!!! Grr
Him : Alright alright.. *chuckle*
Looking back now at that very moment, I wish i hadn't stopped him, because whenever i listen to that song now, I break down.


JollyRoger said...

Hey I heard this in a song "The hardest part of holding on is letting go".
Think about it.

chronicwriter said...

mmmm gud one.. and the nylon stringed guitar is awesome.. i would love to lay my hands on it..

chronicwriter said...

final year elecronic media? aiyo.. binitha,megha.. you must be knowing these names!

psychedelically_yours said...

You've been tagged!

psychedelically_yours said...

Highly inspiring! I learned the chords of the song after reading this :).

♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

aww man, am randomly clickin on your posts and readin em...hmm, aww.. this was so terribly said, yet so positive..yet so incomplete..sigh.
you write well :)
correct that, you express your feelings well :)