Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What women want..

This is my 100th post, and i thought the best way to celebrate it would be to spill some deep dark secrets of womankind. So listen up gentlemen, keep your eyes on focus and your writing pads ready. Or you can just read this post a few 100 times and memorise the following.

1. No woman gets up every morning from her bed thinking, "I wish i DON'T get swept off my feet today. I wish i DON'T meet Mr. Right"

2. When a woman says, "I'm really focused on my career right now, i don't have time for a relationship" what she's really saying is try harder stupid or yea sure we can go out sometime, sometime called never and a place called never land.

3. Women never make the first move. This depends from woman to woman. Personally, I'd NEVER make the first move. I prefer leaving strong hints, which clearly screams out, "I like you, you dumbass, so ask me out already"

4. Women love listeners. We love talking. So when we talk, LISTEN to what we're saying. Don't look at our lips, don't look at our gorgeous assets. (I meant the amazing hair, you pervert!) So at the end of our HUGE monologue, when its your turn to talk, we'd appreciate it, if you could say something other than, "i love your lips."

5. This overlaps with point number 4. Make intelligent conversation. This is a HUGE turn on.

6. Appreciate women. Treat us like goddesses. Showering us with expensive gifts is not counted. Spending time with us, giving us a little bit of attention, say 10 minutes, would be more than enough. But the entire 10 minutes must be spent with the woman in question wholeheartedly and with enthusiasm.

7. When you say things, anything at all, really MEAN it, otherwise don't say it altogether.

8. Chocolates and flowers work. ALWAYS. Especially when she's angry and wants to grill you over a hot oven.


wolverine said...

Interesting post! lots of info in there :D

Chriz said...

2: why did you not tell this is what the line is used for?

i missed renu cos of this one line..

4: i was thining about eyes, hair, nails, way of dressing... am i a pervert? by the way, who is a perv gayu?

8: chocolates work? last time i gave a chocolate, she ate a bit of it and spit it back.. hope they dont like them after the chocolate crosses the expiry date...

CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha.. Hilarious. I enjoyed reading it. Your post has just reconfirmed my understanding.

Thanks to all my friends who r girls, who helped to get that understanding about mystery called GIRL.

So when we talk, LISTEN to what we're saying. - I swear thats true. Easiest way to pacify a girl.