Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Go Getters..

Go Getters is the name of my production, which was screened today along with 46 other individual documentaries and docu-dramas. We had an external examiner from the Film Institute and all our confidence levels were zilch. We had absolutely NO faith in our documentaries and we were all nervous as hell.

Finally my chance arrived and the hot seat was mine for the next 30 minutes. The lights went off, Venus Productions, with my editing sir's meticulously crafted 3Ds Max Logo flashed on screen with some killer background music. The name of the show Go Getters flashed on the big screen, next the shot of a colorful palette with colours getting mixed flashed on, the next shot was of groups and groups of chirpy women, with my Voice Over (which actually sounded damn sexy.. whew). *evil grin*

At the end of the documentary my Voice Over went like so; "Thank you god, thank you for making me a woman". Killer background music again, and i heard clapping. Loud enthusiastic clapping. That moment was absolutely priceless. All my nervousness went down the gutter.

The audience actually LIKED my documentary. I felt myself swelling up with pride and i realized that, I'm officially an amateur movie-maker types person.

All the days of running around, getting permission for locations and getting my script approved from my horrible adamant stubborn professor was all completely worth it just for that one single moment. The VIVA was a complete cake walk after that. I chatted up the man for 10 minutes, left him smiling and amused. There was one question which he asked though, that left me quite surprised. He asked me what i wanted to do, what my dream was. And without a hesitation or a second thought, i said i wanted to be a writer. It was a reflective, impulsive answer.

Thinking back about it, i wonder whether i really should take up writing as a career option or movie making or just become a space cowgirl and hee haw around with a horse in outer space. Confusing world. Too many decisions, too many options. Sigh.

Back to the documentary making though, its the MOST satisfying thing in the world. Try it sometime. Good fun. Loads of hard work. But REAL out and out fun. :)


praveen said...

Hi Gayathri,
I can understand hw much pride it is... Congrats...

You know, Im also aspiring for a career in movie making...But dont know anything about it...

keep rocking... :)

Chriz said...

i need the script.. the whole doc... bummo. ill do the orkutty thing soon...

stocknuke said...

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