Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Being the Youngest Sibling

Being the youngest born is an absolute delight. You almost always get away with murder, with half a tear drop or one juicy limb bite. It wasn't always nice, I'll admit. I'm pretty sure my siblings secretly hated me/were petrified of me/were sick of me or all of the aforementioned. I never understood why I was always left out from their "grown-up" games. I've whined on countless occasions to my parents, asking them why they gave birth to me so late. 

I felt neglected and alone (only in my head of course). In reality, I was always the centre of attention and if I wasn't, I would do something extremely attention grabbing (such as breaking into a random song or jiggly dance, just to hear the collective grown-up people "awwws"). 

I was jealous of anything that took my siblings' attention away from me, such as dogs, board games, other small children and their budding hobbies. I realise now that however old I get, I'll probably always be that annoying, diaper wearing, fat kid for them.

I'll always be showered with fancy gadgets, perfumes and expensive jewellery (from the "foreigns" of course). And now that I'm married, my spouse gets the exact same special treatment and affection. Money transactions of any form (be it paying for a movie ticket, a meal at a restaurant or even the hefty visa fees to enter the countries they live in) are all refused. The baby sister, swiping her debit card, when her big sis/bro is here? Dream on kid! That's absolutely blasphemy! Here, have a candy instead. Or go play with those stuffed toys. 

My siblings are the only people in the world, who can bring a smile to my heart. I literally have a warm, fuzzy feeling, all over my body each time I meet or talk to any of them. The best years of my life, aka my childhood, are frozen in time, with them. They remind me of a happier, more carefree time. 

All children deserve siblings. Siblings, have the ability to forever make your world go round. If you're the youngest, you will always look up to your big brother/sister. And if you're the oldest, apologies in advance, from all the pesky, "never minding their own business" younger siblings. 

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