Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Saarang 2007 - Powerchords and Decibel..

So last weekend was my FIRST ever powerchord and decibel.. Ive gone for small time battle of bands at the unwind before, but this was Saarang.. the bands are bigger, better and larger in number..

And as usual.. i was nervous.. before every gig my hands freeze like a dead man and i could feel butterflies running in my stomach..

So 27th January.. there i was riding on my bike.. taking slow deep breaths and riding towards Ascendas.. (i was going with t and n)

I walked inside the food court after parking my bike and i saw 2 smiling faces.. i walked upto them.. and i saw a piece of chocolate brownie covered in chocolate sause..

T said.. Happy birthday.. We couldnt find a cake..

And N rubbed some chocolate sause on my hand..

After stuffing it all down in 2-3 gulps we rode our bikes and made our way to the IIT campus..

N insisted on walking all the way instead of taking the bus.. It was a nice 2km walk considering i had flesh and blood real life Laurel and Hardy.. (much COOLER versions) :p tripping on each other..

The trechourous straight road trek was worth it.. we neared bindaas park and we could hear the thomp thomp thomp of music.. :) our heartbreats raced.. we stopped walking and started jogging a little..

And after that time and space and everything else was a blur.. the music took control.. And like all battle of bands.. There were some good ones and some awful ones..

My favourite band anyway was the "tease" band.. The drummer wore a Ramco cement t-shirt, the vocalist spoke gibberish into the mike.. My friend mentioned.. "Oh cool.. A goan band.." But the minute the words were out of his mouth we heard him say "nakshatrangal" :p and thats when we smelt the fish..

After they finished their 20 minute "performance" the vocalist/lead guitarist ran off stage like his ass had caught fire.. What stage presence i thought.. :p

In a nutshell last weekend was 48 hours of Ultraviolent rays, friends, smokes and very bad tanning.. I wish i could re-live it all.. :)

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manu said...

I thought u were going to perform in saarang. that wud have been nice. OR did i miss smthing and u did perform ???