Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The voices..

The promises made
The memories nurtured
The moments lived and re-lived
Was it all a lie..??

Where'd you go leaving me all alone to to my demons
You promised to stand by me come what may..
But when i turned around I saw only my dark shadow

I fool myself into believing i'm unaffected
I wake up every morning with a tiny little ray of hope which fades away as the hours pass by..

I try not to remember the good times
It only wakes up the pain that sleeps inside my chest..

You called me your child, you protected me from the icy winds of life
And now i'm cold and shivering with no one to turn to..

You were the only one who knew my fears and wiped my tears
Where'd you go leaving me broken and incomplete..?

Bring me back to life
Make me whole again
Make the dark demons go away..

1 comment:

manu said...

Nice one. Heartfelt. You have a very good ability put ur emotions in words.

PS - one doubt.the first para. last line. is it .... was it all a lie ? or it is what is all a lie itself?