Friday, February 23, 2007

My chomp chomp past..

So my past always manages to crawl slowly behind me, like a snake slithering slowly to pounce on her prey..

And when the time is right.. "CHOMP CHOMP.. *burp* *sigh* yes that was one tasty butt".. If my past had a voice she would say the above sentence..

Rewinding back to the time i was dating a drummer/guitarist scrawny dreamboat.. my 1st love and a lying two timing speck of humanity..

The typical case of denial.. (read MY denial) I failed to see that my cheese was getting stale.. I failed to see the signs of "he's screwing someone else".. and i found out about it a little too late.. ANYWAYS..! thats not the point of this post..

This is about another BOY i met during the same time.. So scrawny dreamboat two timer was having a gig at some vague place.. He gave me a vague address.. (read NON EXISTANT address).. so of course i HAD to go.. to fulfill my girlfriendly duties and be his groupie.. *sniff*

So i called the other BOY who i barely knew by the way.. we had NEVER met.. we had only chatted online and spoken on the phone.. but i needed a drop and a pick up.. (YES.. i was an oppurtunistic bitch back then)

So we met up.. exchanged helloes and set out to find the non existant venue of my exs' non existant gig..

We drove on his really cool MODIFIED enfield which made this roaring noise and had uber cool skull tatoo like stickers stuck all over it..

He drove for 3 hours straight.. :/ finally the shit hit the ceiling.. i realized that i had been taken for a ride.. literally and figuratively..

And after that i lost touch with BOY.. i associated him with this horrible day in my life..

Now fastforwarding back to TODAY.. i woke up early.. raced to the gym.. and who do i see working out on the EFX machine..? BOY..!!
I sucked in a huge gulp of air and drank 3 glasses of water..

I ran to the changing room.. Wore my shoes and wondered.. will he recognize me..? Should I say hello..?

I walked out confidently with an air of a person who was here for one mission alone.. PUMP IRON..

But my confidence notched down to zilch when i saw him again.. I got on the threadmill for my warm-up.. Kept looking at the glass in front of me to sneak a peak at him to see what he was upto.. after my 5 minute warm up was done i stepped off the threadmill and on to the stretch machine..

Finally i saw my trainer walking towards me,smiling broadly and probably thinking.. YES oh yes..!! time for yet another torture session.. *muuahahahahaha*

We got on to the weights immediately.. After finishing one set i gasped for water and air.. So i ran to the cooler again.. and there he was.. sitting on the sofa, throwing daggers from his eyes and frowning at me like i was a terrorist.. At that very moment i prayed and wished the earth would split open in two and take me down with her..

I should've said something then.. "Hi Vijay".. or "Im sorry" or "Hey remember me.. the horrible kid who made u drive around every nook and cranny of this city..?"

But i just gawked at him through sips of water panting profusely and sweating like a pig.. :/

And then i ran away.. back to my trainer and the machines..

Moral of the story : There's always a time and place for striking up a conversation.. Strike when the time is right or repent forever..

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