Wednesday, February 28, 2007

War Journalism..

I've always wanted to be a journalist.. ever since i was 15 years old to be precise, and today after watching Kabul Express the desire has become stronger..

The movie revolves around 2 Indian TV journalists who travel all the way from Bombay for the ultimate news scoop.. Meeting the Taliban..

And in their long tiring journey they come across Fanatic Muslims, Bollywood crazy Afghanistans and a soldier of the hated Taliban who needs to escape the clutches of the Afghanis and run back to his home.. Pakistan..

On the outset this soldier (Imran Khan Afridi) appears to be a man with no emotions who beats the shit out of people and fires his gun with a drop of a hat..

But as he opens his heart out to these Indians in his own barbaric fashion he reveals to them that he is a wounded father who's aching to see his daughter, he's a cricket fanatic who believes strongly that Imran Khan is the best all round cricketer the world has seen and that he loves Indian ciggarettes..

My heart went out to this Taliban man, maybe most of the talibanis are heartless cruel gore machines but essentially they're human beings just like you and me.. They have a heart which beats as strongly as ours..

As for the background score of the movie, its absolutely brilliant.. it has the right feel.. eerie, haunting and it will stick on your brain for a long long time..


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