Friday, March 23, 2007

Traffic Signals..

Have you ever wondered about the life of street people.. Are they nice, are they smart, are they happy, do they have hopes and dreams which they wish to fulfill?

Madhur Bandharkar's Traffic signal is a moving tale about THAT world, a world unknown to us or rather a world we all choose to IGNORE.. Each time we shoo away a beggar boy and then throw him a coin or two, or buy flowers from a little ragged girl we are adding on to the economy of our country.

I dont want to reveal the plot of this movie because i dont think i will do justice to it.

What really grabbed my attention and kept me on my chair for 2 hours and something minutes, was the smiles on their filthy unwashed faces. Horrible living conditions, people who treat them like dirt and barely enough food for survival does'nt bother these people.

Ever willing to lend a helping hand to their fellow workers and having a good time right in the middle of the road.. taking joy from the little things in life, like having a bath from a leaking water lorry and splashing around in the water fountain of a traffic signal keeps them going.

The message i learnt from Traffic Signal : The rest of us non-street workers are too caught up in our problems that we're forgetting to live our life in all it's splendour and glory. Happiness is all around, but we're all forgetting to just BREATHE it in. And even as i typed that line, i felt like a hypocrite.. because, i was tearing a little thinking about a certain someone and wondering if i'd ever see him again..

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Trinity said...

hey da
you from stella???
anywayz you sound it and that was a good post and i ve always wondered everytime it rained (torrential, non stop)what would they do and like wise when i desparately ran into my house when my slippers start burning as i walk on the tar road back from my intern during the kathri summers.. , where would they go???
like you said abt hypocrites... what abt people like me who only think and not do anything abt it??
anywayz where did you see the movie?