Monday, September 03, 2007

So far away..

I will not call out your name, as you turn your face away from mine,
I will not hold you back, as you walk away from me..

But, as you move on, my love, think about all the things that we used to be
I pray you find someone who respects you, as much as I do..

You will always be on my mind
You will also be a part of me..

I thank you, for some of the high points in my life right now
For i don't think i could've accomplished it, without the faith you had in me
You changed me, you left behind a newer, wiser, better me
I can face any difficulties life throws my way now..

I'm happy now, knowing that you are at peace, knowing that you are safe and sound
And doing all the things that you want to do, fulfilling all your duties..

Keeping that in mind, i shall console myself and be strong
I pray that at least in the next birth, if there is one, you be mine..


Rauf said...

ah ! don't worry, every one has a mobile now except me.
soon there's going to be a tower in heaven, you can call your great grand mom.
and there's gonna be a fire resistant tower in hell too, my friends can call me
but i don't have a mobile.

iamyuva said...

and you should know time travel is possible in your dreams.. may be that passport/tickets to your journey when wish you take trip down memory line.