Saturday, September 22, 2007

The winds of change..

I can feel the winds of change whipping strongly, and i know i have to give in. Although I'm lost, disoriented and a little hurt, i know this change is for the good. My life has changed. Its taken a completely different track and i just HAVE TO chug along.

On the personal front, the lad who meant the world to me is obviously bullshitting with me. And Ive cried over it for too long now. I want these wounds to heal, I don't want to bleed anymore. I want to be carefree and happy like the 3 year old child who lives next door.

On the soon to be professional front, my war journalism dreams have been tossed into the gutter. Technical writing is my bird in hand now. And i quote in the words of a wise man, (who i spoke with almost all night yesterday *grin grin*), CTS is your chicken , and you ought to like your chicken dead and deep-fried if that don't work , tandoor it, else make some chettinad out of it.

Life sure is weird. One minute, you're on path A and before you know it, you're thrown on to path B. One minute, someone means the world to you, and you curse the world and god and everything else involved in the love game when things don't go right. The next a complete stranger brightens your mood and there you are waking up early, hitting the gym, wondering when to call this new lad and say You rock man, i salute you.


chronicwriter said...

crying for someone... after a couple of years when you turn back and look at today you will smile for the amount of tears that is shed now... believe me, i smile a lot too these days...No human being is worth crying for , other than you; yourself..have fun with teh corporate world... move on...keep writing gayathri... all you have scripted here is too personal... let not ur emotions fill your blog page... you have a good writing talent.. use that to full use and keep onw riting.. god bless

anusha said... person worth cryin 4 is the person who cares enuf to ensure that his acts dont hurt u ... life's all abt moving on .... n am sure u'll do just gr8...... u write really well.. take care....