Thursday, January 17, 2008

A day to remember..

Today has been a mixed day, not good, not bad. Just mixed. Last night i did the unthinkable and i got the result for the act this morning. It was exactly what i expected, a red signal. But i accepted the rejection, with a smile on my face.

I was not happy, but i wasn't sad either. I felt relieved to finally close a chapter in my life and move on. No more questions, no more what ifs and buts. There was a surety to the situation now, I had all the answers i needed.

Nextly, i chatted up with an established Indian writer, who is, at present compiling Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul for Indian readers. She appreciated my writing skills, called me a teenage rebel and asked me to send her more articles, for her yet to be published book.

Call me an arrogant pig or an overconfident buffoon, but i decided not to send her anything more than what i already had, because i fear that she'll flick my ideas and elaborate on the same. She wanted me to add on 2-3 lines more to everything i had sent her. And that i realized is NOT me. I don't want to write for HER, however established she may be. I want to write for MYSELF. I refuse to give a solid conclusion to any of my articles, I want them all to be open ended, left to the readers imagination, vague, unpredictable et al.

I learnt two things today. Firstly, when it comes to matters of the heart, don't hold back, just spit it out and face the music head on. Rejection is a very over hyped thing, it's sad yes, but not 'i cant live anymore' sad. The circle of life shall continue to revolve and rotate.

Secondly, be yourself. Don't change your identity for anyone and someday the world just might appreciate you, just the way you are, irrespective of how deranged and mad you might be. Period.


Mark IV said...

totally.. one must always be his/herself... imagine, if u weren't being yourself you'd have to be someone else... which means the concept of YOURSELF is now SOMEONE ELSE's SELF. which means you are still playing yourself, since you are the some one that you are. which makes everything recursive, confusing and random... just be something!

durjoy datta said...

that raksha something!!!
she mailed me too!!!
i thought the same!!!!!
and didn't mail her anything!!!!!!!!

Filarial said...

well said! I think about changing of identity and compramising to get ahead in life all of the time.. holding out is tough but hopefully there is some light at the end of the tunnel..

Compassion Unlimitted said...

well,Gayatri,you took it out in this post..thats important,a pressure relief.Both issues handled the way you wanted it..In life unfortunately there are many situations when one needs to compromise.Hence be prepared for it too..It doesnt always go our way however much one wishes..God Bless you and wish You succcess

crazyBugga said...

hey u can mail me ur writings. I promise not to elaborate on them.

I wil print them as they are, ofcourse, under my name.

and your two points are too true. Its hard to do wat u say, but its got to be done. Liked this post. Lemme know wen u publish. Wil buy the pirated version.

JollyRoger said...

Be yourself!!!!! Good post.

Aiswarya said...

I completely agree, it’s better to share it rather than leaving it to boil. One would loose their peace of mind too! But just a thought, If one could predict rejection, would they or shall I say should they express their thought? What do you think?

Damn right, your creation is yours!!!

Chriz said...

gayu.. what happened to you? all of a sudden! such philosophical thoughts.. haha great mayn great

blaZinG_DraGoOnuS said...

Yup be yourself ... and yeah these writers will flick your ideas anytime and you won't even know how ... keep them to yourself ... and well hopefully you'll become the next....ummm....what's that lady's name who writes stuff about wizards...uhh...yeah...J.K. Rowling

fishy said...

hey gay3,

Thanks for visiting my blog and there by leaving me trail to read awesomeposts. Be yourself and feel good about you.. Too good.

Loved it.