Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Junk Jewellery..

Junk jewellery is not a style statement. It is a way of life for me. I live for junk jewellery. I have 5 boxes of it and I have been collecting it from road sides, from fancy overpriced malls and from vendors (after bargaining my ass off). My collection is not just confined to the streets of Chennai, I would like to think of it as a global/national collection. Ever since i was 10 years old, I've had an eye for junk trinkets.

So naturally, it goes without saying, wherever i go my junk jewellery follows suit. While packing my bags for a quick 5 day vacation, i don't pack the essentials like toothbrush, kaajal, shoes, underwear etc, i pack my junk. I take them all out of their boxes, re-arrange them, put them back inside their boxes, tie the boxes with 2 strings and then put these boxes overflowing with my neatly arranged jewellery into plastic bags, which i fold and refold and tie with strings again.

Every year, my mother and i have a 2 minute tongue lashing which goes like so :

Mum : Don't take everything, just take a few earrings, chains, bangles and bracelets. You're going for a very short trip, how much are you going to wear anyway? Listen to me, you're coming back alone, you'll have to lug it all back.
Me : Okie mum

Mum : So you wont take them all?
Me : Okie mum, whatever you say.

Mum : So you wont?
Me : Yes, i wont take a few earrings, chains and blah like you said. I'll take them all.

Mum : How foolish can you be?
Me : Okie mum

The joys of being a woman lies in those 5 boxes, i would'nt trade them for anything in the world!


crazyBugga said...

hippie! [:)]

JollyRoger said...

Hmmm the challenge with junk jewellery is when your wife wears it and asks you how they look and you cant say they look like junk!!! ; )

Dushti said...

he he...I hear ya ! I got introduced to this junk jewellery pretty late...but now have become a big junkie myself ;-)

Vikram Sunderraj said...

Hello Gayathri,
Interesting post. I was searching for specific Indian blogs and came across yours. I see you are in Chennai so am I. If you find time do check my blogs. Looking forward to see more of your posts.


Mark IV said...

essentials like toothbrush, kaajal, shoes, underwear etc!!!
now i know what shld help my survival if i ever get lost in a tropical jungle... why kaajal of course!!! :-)

Oxymoron said...

Hey sista! Soul sista! Who wants platinum and gold and silver when we've got junk!! Big O podu for junk jewellery!!

Aiswarya said...

lol!!!hey snap, go girl!!!!