Monday, February 04, 2008

You've Got Mail..

You've got mail is a movie which was made during the "Internet is amaaaaazing" era, when people had no idea what an E-mail was, what chatting was all about, it was also the time when connecting to the Internet took a little while and a very cute "bzzz uuuuu krrr krrr krrr" noise was produced by our modems. This 10 second noise found people holding their breaths in anticipation and thanking the good lord of technology,when they finally got through.

Finding love online was a novelty then. Now my 10 year old cousin is orkutting so voraciously and chatting up every random girl he meets online, that he puts my 15,000 odd scraps to shame. (Yes, he is a chip of the old block, that little dog!)

Anyway, back to the movie. It is a classic Meg Ryan - Tom Hanks starrer. They send each other uber cheesy e-mails, whilst in real life they cant see eye to eye. Eventually Tom Hanks, discovers that Shopgirl (Meg Ryan's online id) is infact the woman he loathes through and through. He then, takes matters into his hands, befriends her and slowly breaks into her facade and learns that they have a lot in common.

My favorite line in the movie goes something like this -- "The strange thing about communicating like this,is that we eventually end up speaking about nothing. But, all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings in my life." I could picture myself saying that one liner to someone special.

I hope i find my NY152 (Tom Hanks' online id) as well. The internet is the only medium where I'm completely myself, uninhibited, fearless and bold.

In real life, I'm almost invisible! I have to scream and jump around to get my point across.


JollyRoger said...

All the best!!!

Aiswarya said...

Ok, now now babe, I don’t know how Tamil challenged you are, but I am a true believer of,"Kangal padamal, Kaikal thodamal .. Kadal varuvathillai" But then that could just be me. The fact that some one can easily get away with not being themselves, having the advantage of miles apart. umm... I don’t know, that’s just not me. May be for an intro, the get to know each other bit has to be done in person!

Your cousin is only 10…. He‘s got years to learn!!!

Mark IV said...

i picture myself saying that cheesy oneliner... just once... and being deemed gay and unmarriagable forever and ever... unfair double standards with cheesy one-liners!!!

acid_ice said...

the movie's corny, but then again, somewhere there is a thread of plausibility. it somehow endears itself to you. by the way, try watching "Elizabethtown", not very similar, but kinda..