Thursday, February 28, 2008


Amethyst is a nice quaint (now forgotten, thanks to Mocha, Coffee Day, Barista and all the other jazzy coffee pubs which have sprung up in Chennai over the past 5 years) eat out.

This is yet another post on food, so non-foodians look away.

The eternally hungry 8 of us found ourselves in a dilemma, about where to go and stuff our faces today. We kept name swapping restaurants, bunked college after the 1st hour, played a game of our very own YOU KNOW (UNO name modified - it's a group thing, the rest of you can continue calling it UNO), gluged down watermelon juice and finally it hit us - Amethyst. Close in distance (1 minute walk from friends' house) and open at 11.30 am to feed the hungry and famished.

We joined 3 small round tables, plonked ourselves on the nice steel/jute chairs and looked in awe at the amount of greenery around us and the nice shade it provided us, from the intense heat outside. Heaven was right there, i tell you.

The next 1 hour was an insane hogathon. We started with dessert and drinks. I was sharing my dessert (a chocolate brownie with chocolate sause) with Ms Ritu Chaudhary -- the barbarian chocoholic. She grabbed the fork from me and dug it into my hand, each time i tried to eat a bite.

Next, three starters were served to us. Potato wedges with a nice pink dip (too sexy, i could'nt stop licking the little steel bowl, long after the dip was over) , a cheesy strange shaped golden yellow blob with tomato sauce (heaven again) and lastly toasted square slices of bread with mushroom and cheese topping.

Starters done, we clutched our tummies and looked at each other with sheepish grins. No sooner had we done that, our main course was served - 3 varieties of pasta - one with white sauce, one with a green sauce and one with tomato sauce. Yummy in our tummies!

We were now officially stuffed, to the brink. If tribal folk caught us right there and decided to make us their meal, they would've had a ball.

But of course, we did not give up. Overeating is the name of the game children -- read and learn. We ordered dessert again - two pieces of chocolate cake and one plate of brownie with chocolate sauce.

Food has a magical power - It bonds people. You suddenly get all gooey inside and mentally thank the Good Lord for giving you such excellent friends.

Burp and double burp. I dedicate this post to my lovely gang of foodians anonymous (alcoholics anonymous re-named because we are shameless eaters, alcohol is not an addiction for us -- yet!)


JollyRoger said...

Wow!!!! You know ever since i became a veggie every time I eat out its potato and /or panneer. Wonder how do veggies manage without them?

Anyway your foodie gang reminds me of the days when my class gang used to destroy unlimited plates of everything possible in a mad frenzy. Those were the days!!!

Btw me veggie till Easter only!!!!

wolverine said...

oh.. a new rest! good good.. do put in the prices and also the eggjact location too the next time :D .

root3/ markiv said...

ok wolverine- if you don't have a five figure allowance, this is not the place for you. no way your going to burn all that dough when you're earing it! :) the place used to be decently high priced back in the middle ages (2003-5 times). now its just a whooping WOW on the left.

moreover its not the place for shorts on guys and skirts on girls. the 'natural' environment resembles a tropical jungle. and they say it was a mosquitoe- but im sure it was a tsetse fly that bit the last girl i took there!

Vijay K. Narayanan said...

I think Amethyst still stands out when compared to the coffee pubs etc because it has managed to, or rather, chosen to retain its charm as an old-fashioned, quiet place where you aren't shoved out once your order has been fulfilled.

deepak said...

oh madras.. good old madras.. amethyst.. it rocks.. try Anokhee its close to park sheraton.. sexy place.. i love it.. suggestion my phurnd..

Chriz said...

you food bogger.. any fork marks on your face?

Karthik B.S. said...

will try to go to amethyst...

nice post.. :)

Mythreyee said...

oh man, sounds heavenly *tummy grumble grumble* - one more place we'll go when i get back! never been here :)