Sunday, May 24, 2009


I have no words to describe this movie, it is absolutely brilliant and super scary! Let me explain it to you, like my Seventh Standard, Chemistry teacher would explain a lab experiment.

Aim : A darn good flick, that makes you poopie in your pants and makes you thank the good lord, that you're man is not in the FBI, the army or any secret service organization, that nails psychopath criminals and makes their life hell.

Procedure :
Take two guys - one good, one evil, one cop, one psycho criminal. Next, mix them both into a blender, interchange their faces.

The obvious result :
Total chaos! The bad guy, with the good guy's body calls all the shots, takes full advantage of the newly acquired power and makes sure the bad guy (or in other words, the good guy stuck in the bad guy's body) stays locked up in prison.

Good wins over evil, saint wins over sinner - why else would I be watching this movie? I'm an eternal pessimist, the only glimmer of optimism in my life come from literature and good movies, like this one.

I will not divulge the plot at all, because YOU need to watch it, my fellow blog readers and I want those comments flowing down this post and then, we shall talk, about every minuscule ingenious detail, of this movie.

I have only one complaint against the movie, why in God's name was the bad guy given such a small role to play? Couldn't their faces have been swapped an hour or so into the movie, so that the audience could have wowed the villain's evil thinking and gestures? Nicholas Cage was without a doubt the Heath Ledger of this movie, sadly he was on screen as his evil self for only a mere five minutes or so.


munchkin said...

Hmmm even i have got the same problem with the movie. They good have made Nicholas part more interesting. :)

DPhatsez said...

Frickin' awesome movie!!

Although i doubt there'd be anyone who's not seen it yet :)
Never knew gals also dig Face-Off.. kewl!

One Bizarre Scribe said...

Like he says, never knew gals also dig Face/Off.. Woo's genius on full display.. Just one thought, dont you think the screen-time Nick Cage has as the villain is enough to carry his role? The scene early on where he joins the choir? =]

Sandee said...

lol, ya the choir scene was good :)

the movie was awesome.. do you know all Woo movies have double gun battles and doves?