Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Groupies. I'm more than familiar with these annoying, lack of self respect, species. All popular figures through history - men and women, have had their share of groupies. Some succumbed to their groupie's slutty ways, while some held back and decided to go back home to their wives/girlfriends.

Rock bands sensationalized groupies, and brought their existence into light. Led Zeppelin, Gnr and most glam rock bands of the 70s and 80s, have had their share of groupies.

Led Zeppelin Uncensored, a book by Richard Cole (their longest standing road manager) described in detail about the entire band bathing in a Jacuzzi with four of their groupies. The musicians, let out few small harmless octopi in the water to tickle the ladies in their nether-regions so that they would get horny and hence could get on with their 'wham-bham, thankyou groupies' process faster.

I wouldn't be surprised, to hear more tales like these, even today. Being the girlfriend of a popular musician myself, I've had my fair share of groupies. But being the possessive overly jealous person I am, I have kept a check on his groupie connections and have managed to clip them off, before it blossomed into any kind of hideous relationship.

The point is, what is the point of getting laid without a commitment? Would you really be happy, to have a one stand stand? What if you get AIDS? What if your one night stand, turned out to be a murderer, who snaps off your head, the morning after? What if, your room had a camera and it recorded the whole one night stand, which conveniently becomes the next Porn video, for the world to see? (Remember the DPS scandal?)

Groupies, tell me this, have you never fallen in love? Are you really happy, doting after someone who doesn't really give a rat's ass?

Message to all the Groupies lusting after my boyfriend :
Stay the hell away from him, or I'll snap your tiny little heads right off your anorexic shoulders. FYI : I gym, everyday and can lift weights that you probably don't even dream off.


munchkin said...

LoL!! im sure this is targeted at someone!! :P

FYI-*I'm an angel* wont even think of it! :D

Da Rodent said...


Well, cant blame just the groupies you see. :P

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Insecurity somewhere !! just pun intended

JollyRoger said...

Me thinks it is a direct threat!!!

CM-Chap said...

One of the best direct but indirect threats issued in the recent past :)

still_water said...

are u hell bent on riddin the world of the few pleasures left in it?:P

DPhatsez said...

Send 'em groupies hither! I'll make sure they stay away from your boyfriend..oh and I don't need octopi!


Rock on!!! \m/

Addict said...

i think groupie love is all good until they snap back into reality...alone. Groupie love starts from the time you want to be the teachers pet, to grandmom's fav grandchild and so on.

Just started reading your blog and like it :-)

Mon Espace said...

LOL! have this disclaimer made into a tee for him or something..:P

echoed my sentiments abt the groupies..but like da rodent pointed out above, cant blame just them can we?!

The Pseudonym said...

ATTACKKKKKKK!!!! Octopi in the jaccuzi to tickle their nether regions Wow!!! What were they thinking...