Monday, May 18, 2009

The Tearful Adieu..

They walked through the serene and peaceful IIT Bombay roads, the birds chirped merrily welcoming a new dawn, a light breeze ruffled the tree leaves and he munched noisily on a few pieces of orange, squirting the juices on his white shirt, leaving a trail of yellowy stain. She smiled at his antics and wondered when she would see him again.

The calm surroundings did not reflect on their moods, there was a dull throbbing pain in both their hearts, as they held each others hands tightly. The ride from the campus till the airport was surreal and unnatural. They nattered away senselessly, occasionally sneaking a peck on each others lips and cheeks.

Thoughts of food from the south Indian restaurant in the airport, momentarily blew away glum thoughts from her mind. Her spirits rose, as she munched on that Mysore dosai and for a few minutes she was truly happy, to be walking to the Departure Gate. It was only when he turned around to hug her whispering Goodbye in her ears, that she realized they were parting ways. Their wonderful vacation was over, they would have to wait another painful month or two, before they would meet again.

She slowly walked inside the airport, only to call him on his mobile phone and press herself against the glass wall until he came to her. He pressed his hand against the wall and she placed hers on his. A glass wall separated them now and she couldn’t help but burst into tears.

After completing all the airline procedures, she stepped out again to see her boy. He lifted her spirits a little, by his mere presence and touch. She walked back inside the airport on a slightly more cheery and determined note.

And as the plane touched Chennai city, she had made up her mind. On reaching home, she sat her mother down and explained to her that she had found her husband.


Anonymous said...

And? what did mommy have to say?

munchkin said...

u did this?? :D ur mommy knows officially! :D yay!! :D

farustar said...

oooh! i like the way you've written it. and looking at the 2 comments above mine, is this abt you? if so, congrats!

DPhatsez said...

ah ha! Sequel!Sequel!

Good luck!

btw new post up! specially 4 d ladies :)

Chronicwriter said...

congrats girl


JollyRoger said...

Congratulations!!! Have a wonderful life ahead

One Bizarre Scribe said...

Knowingly or unknowingly, u've done wht all the soaps on tv do. The question is, "And then??" Be that as it may, congratulations..

Da Rodent said...

WOW :) Congratulations. :)

Mon Espace said...

woah! awesome..!! :D u have to write up a sequel to this for all the sappy, hoplessly romatic, still single ones out there (me!)