Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Truth..

I thought he was an arrogant snob and wanted nothing to do with him.. But then again there was something very alluring about him.. His boyish charm, the head full of curls and his wicked sense of

Yes, im moonstruck, so God help me..

A long winding conversation about nothing in general through the better half of the night and a one hour conversation in the morning should'nt mean much really..

But here i am thinking about the lad who i barely know, wondering what he's upto and whether we shall ever be friends..

So here's the truth ABOUT the truth.. It hurts.. The expectations and the uncertainty kills you..

P.S : Yes im going through a phase right now.. I'm NOT a WIMP, im just a wee bit more sensitive to people than i usually am.. I think.. :/

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