Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tooral Mazha..

Tooral Mazhais are the most annoying things that can happen to us "if i sit at home for longer than a minute my head will explode" people..

Rains are associated with joy, beauty, giver of life, 2 lovers sitting on a tree and k-i-s-s-i-n-g.. and so on.. I wish i could whack the penner of those phrases and ask him/her, are you out of your mind..? Do u LIKE being house arrested..?

Back to Tooral Mazhais, they're not even REAL rains.. Tooral rains are like dogs peeing on random telephone poles and car tyres and running away to find a new spot to pee on.. The frequency of the drip-drip is unpredictable..

And its this unpredictability factor, which makes Tooral Mazhais even more annoying.. I woke up this morning late as usual, gobbled some breakfast and rushed out to my bike. Dad insisted, "Wear your raincoat.. looks like it's going to pour.." The embarrassing bright yellow Winnie the Pooh raincoat flashed in my brain, i preferred freezing to death over looking like a spectacle. So i said aloud, "Naah.. its not raining now.. i'll take my chances and not wear my raincoat pop.."

With that, i kickstarted my bike and vroomed onto the roads.. No sooner had i crossed the first traffic signal, it started to pour. So, out came Winnie the Pooh. *groan*

As soon as i reached my college parking lot, i flung Winnie into the deepest corner of my bike.. That done, i heaved a sigh of relief and thanked the good Lord for not letting anyone see me dressed as a clown..

Rains.. LOUSY stupid rains..


blaZinG_DraGoOnuS said...

what did we learn today : elder ppl are far more wiser than us and ya better not fight with their wisdom on weather conditions....

chronicwriter said...

ashok pillar traffic signal? i think i saw!

Sowmya said...

dont curse the rains yaar!!! i always believed in the poem "rain rain come again!!!"
try getting drenched someday!!

ps: i love ur styleee of writin.. grt work!!!