Sunday, June 24, 2007

Once Upon a Time in Mexico..

A guitar-fighter. He pulls a few strings and then goes boom boom boom with his guitar. Now what in the world, could be more sexier than that? And throw in the long messy hair, which keeps falling into his eyes, the way his fingers move on the strings and yes the fact that the guitar fighter in question, is Antonio Banderas. *drool* I think i died and went straight up to 7th heaven.

The story is pretty simple. The guitar fighter aka El Mariachi is hired by a CIA officer, Agent Sands played by, Johnny Depp to kill General Marquez. This Marquez man murdered El's wife and child and he has been hired by a Mexican drug lord Armano Barillo, to kill the Mexican President.This is the general outline of the movie. There are a few subplots as well.

If you're a lover of bang-bang dishum dishum flicks, then dont miss out on this one. And a word to music lovers, the background score was just mmmmuah. I CANNOT explain it in mere words. You just HAVE to hear it, to believe it. Mexican music is the most SOULFUL music, (to say the least) i have heard in my entire life. It makes you want to dance, cry, laugh and it leaves you begging for more. After the movie was over, i went back to Scene selection and played the music bit of the movie all over again.

Watch Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Period.


chronicwriter said...

desparado was better.. really dunno what enriques was doing here.. the characters did not fit well.. bandares was awesome in the first one.. and shud i say more abt salmaaaaaa

Mark IV said...

is there a disconnect or is it more of a continuation from desparado?

i guess its a trilogy from what i read, but only happen chanced desparado...

Dave said...

Ummmm... you missed out the part where 'Salma Hayek is there...'.. Droooooool